02 October, 2011

Sheffield is a great place

This is a place where I live in the United Kingdom. The city called Sheffield, located in North England it's more than 2-hours travel by Train from London. I always travel every week going to London in my college for a year now but I keep coming back because I love the place and this is my workplace.

Sheffield is a city that is altogether quite unique from an environmental and cultural aspect .

It is a cultural centre, a historical monument, and eco-city all at once. If you are going to be visiting England, Sheffield is a must-see or at the very least certainly needs to be on your top ten places to visit.

The towns that eventually grew into Sheffield were thought to have sprung up sometime during the second millennium. Just imagine walking down streets that have been trod for over one thousand years, seeing buildings that have been occupied and functioning for hundreds of years. It is quite overwhelming.

If you are planning a vacation this year, you really can’t go wrong with Sheffield.

Whether you’ve simply always wanted to see England or are interested in experiencing some culture, Sheffield is a great choice. Though most of us think of London, we may not be ready for the crowds and traffic that come with a visit to Nation's capital. Sheffield is a great, clean alternative that will definitely impress you and give you a great first impression of the UK.


Scolex said...

sana makapunta ko jan in the near future.

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