30 August, 2012

Cyber-bullying against Senator Sotto

Sotto: I'm the first Senator to be cyber-bullied.

This is what we get a disservice to all Filipinos a COMEDIAN, SCRIPTED actor pretending to be a Senator. He has no business being a politician. This is what Filipinos get if they kept voting for a SHOWBIZ PERSONALITIES. May this be a lesson.... This type of people are not doing a service to the country. They are merely taking up space in the Senate for those people who are more qualified and spent years in school. We need people who are educated, trustworthy, has morality in politics not just a good heart.

and yes... this type of people are expected to write laws. what do they have to offer on the table to be a Senator other than kept committing PLAGIARISM LIKE Sotto. I have no respect for him.

You were "bullied" not because of your stand in the RH Bill, instead of apologizing, you justify your shortcomings with lame excuses. The Philippine Senators are then unethical because plagiarism is rampant and accepted? Is this too hard for you to understand? There is nothing "legalish" about it. Have some decency and apologize.

Senator Sotto, you are a real piece of work!! If what you did is not plagiarism then I don't know what is! If some or most of the comments are too harsh on you it's because you wouldn't admit what you did is wrong. Maybe if you had apologized and admitted right there and then that what you did was not right, maybe you wouldn't be cyber-bullied.

He was the first senator to ever be a victim of cyber-bullying... more like he was the first senator to plagiarize a blogger's work.

You are a Senator. Crime or not; to commit plagiarism is not an option for a person in your status. If you cannot create an idea thought-assembled by your own rationality - as of course supported by external singularities, then you do not deserve to be a senator. There is a difference between being technically credible to run for senate and being essentially deserving to become a senator.

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