30 July, 2010

Make money blogging

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Blogging to me is about self-expression that provides more opportunities. It took me a really long time to really get blogging because I always said to myself there's nothing I'll get from blogging, but I was surprise when my sister get paid to blog. Then I start asking how to make blog and make money blogging, so now I intend to make blogging on a regular schedule.

Of course, blogging is a great fun. This is the only visual way I could share my opinion, my interests, likes and activities. Many people dream of getting paid to blog. This is fueled by stories of bloggers earning big bucks. You can earn money by blogging — if you're dedicated.

Consider myself as an example, this can be used as a basic guide to blogging by anybody, your blog can get you the career of your dreams. As you may know, bloggers are earning for their efforts. If you go in to blogging to make money, it's not gonna happen. But if you have a passion and can write, and you are sharing your passion with the world, there is a niche out there that will loyally follow you and buy your writing.

Here's some of my blogs:

11 July, 2010

How much we drink?

Most of us never give a second thought about how much we drink when heading off to the pub or sharing a bottle or two of wine with friends. It’s such a normal activity that we don’t feel the need to monitor how much we drink. But perhaps we should.

How much is safe?
Sadly, there is no such thing as safe levels of drinking. The more alcohol you drink the more you are at risk of alcohol related disease. However, experts advise minimising your risk by drinking within the daily recommended limits:
  • Men should not regularly drink more than 3-4 units of alcohol a day
  • Women should not regularly drink more than 2-3 units of alcohol a day
These limits apply whether you drink daily, once or twice a week, or just now and then.

It's a mistake to try to "save" all your units for the weekend, and swamp your liver with 20-30 units of alcohol over the weekend!

As well as this, stopping drinking for 48 hours is also strongly advised to give your body (and liver) a chance to recover.

How much alcohol do you really drink?

A common misconception is that a unit of alcohol is the same as a single alcoholic drink. Not true.
One unit of alcohol is 8g or 10ml of pure alcohol.

In addition, the percentage alcohol by volume (ABV) shown on drinks bottles, cans and boxes tell how many units of alcohol there are in a litre. This means that a bottle of wine (12%ABV) would contain 12 units in a litre or 9 units in a 750 ml bottle.

Put into perspective, a couple sharing a bottle of wine at home in the evening on a daily basis would be drinking 4.5 units of alcohol a day, or 31.5 units a week, above the recommended daily guidelines.

So knowing the number of units in your favourite drinks helps to keep track of how much you are drinking on a regular basis. As a rough guide, the alcohol content in some common drinks is shown below:

A pint of ordinary strength beer, lager, cider (3%): 2 units
A pint of strong lager (5%): 3 units
A standard glass of wine (175ml, 12%): 2 units
A large glass of wine (250ml, 12%): 3 units
A standard measure of spirit (25ml, 40%): 1 unit
A 275ml bottle of alcopops (5%): 1.5 unit

Calculating the amount of units in your particular drink is easy. Just multiply the ABV number by the size of the drink in ml, then divide by 1000.

03 July, 2010

Signs of being a Blog Addict

Found this on the net… peace to all the bloggers out there (that includes me;-)
You know you’re addicted to blog when you exhibit any or all of the following symptoms:
  • You never leave home without your camphone/digicam.
  • You practice your best smile in the mirror because your blog has your face all over it, (and with your sweetheart in it).
  • You think blogging has become the perfect cure for your insomnia.
  • You think ”Blog!” before going to sleep and upon waking up.
  • Yes! You do it even in the office.
  • Five of your friends have not been talking to you because of the unpleasant things you wrote about them in your blog.
  • You never fail to tell your friends/ relatives to check out your site in school/family reunions.
  • You have a business card with your blog addy in it.
  • You’re now even thinking of owning a shirt inscribed with “Certified Blogger”.
  • When you go to an exciting place/experience something new, you immediately think about how you’re going to blog about it
  • ….while the manager of the restaurant is giving you that strange look.
  • You’ve actually stood up dates and appointments with your friends to spend more time on the computer
  • Most of the new friends you made in the past few months are not from your workplace, school.
  • You check your stats counter every so often, complete with a look up on the domain/IP address of the visitor
  • You think that Google Adsense can become your primary employer (well of course, dream on)
  • You forget to shower, comb even sleep
  • You’ve actually typed “how to cure blog addiction” or “Signs to blog addiction” on Yahoo and google search to post it in your blog
  • Ask for link exchange
  • Do more blogwalking than actual walking(exercise)
Valuable Life-Lessons for Bloggers: 
Practice Etiquette and Self-Restraint. Think twice before hitting ‘Publish’ Button. Realize that you have another life, probably a life more important, than blogging.

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