06 October, 2011

Steve Jobs - Thanks for the memories

Woke up this morning with a sad news. Steve Jobs has passed away.... A truly genius man! A man with extra ordinary mind. To Steve, thank you for all the apple gadgets that we have now. We won't have them without you. You will always be remembered with all your brilliant contributions with the technology we enjoy today! You done such a magnificent job!

STEVE JOBS - Thanks for the memories - thanks for the journey of making our lives better, more enriching, more engaging and more entertaining - starting with the very first Apple to the iPad2 and iPhone 4S, not forgetting along the way PIXAR. You have made the world that we live in a better place - thanks for the efforts you have put in place through your company's great products made with the collaboration of like-minded people.

Not only do I admire his brilliance but I'm also inspired by his story. It gives me and countless others in the IT profession, a ray of hope that one day all the hardships and struggles will bear fruits beyond imagination. Good things too must come to an end, and we can only thank him now for his contributions to our daily lives.

It was a long, heroic battle by a good man. When a cure is not possible, the best one can hope for is an end to the pain.

A day after an Apple-product unveiling. It's like he waited for that day and was saddened by the feedback. Something just seems poetic about this.

Sorry to hear this. My sympathy goes out to his family. He was one of the great founders of the PC technology revolution and his mark in this world is very significant. Everyone who owns a Mac, iPhone, iPod, etc should extend their thanks to him for helping make the digital age a reality. Thanks Steve.


aLgene said...

It's sad to lose a guy like Steve Jobs. He was the best.

aLgene said...

Anyway, I'm wondering. How is possible for you to have two comment boxes? :)

Lala said...

I think you just have to integrate facebook comment widget and enable blogger comment, use javascript for the tabber for the 2 comments. ;)

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