30 September, 2010

Eye love London

Both London Eye and Big Ben are located in City of Westminster borough of London central. No single traveler visiting London would ever miss these 2 giant structures. Neither do I. On my 3rd day in London, I witnessed them with my very naked eyes. Not quite enough.

Big Ben as part of the Parliament Building, the opposite side of London Eye along River Thames and next to Westminster Bridge.

Finding my way around London

I must admit I have been lost and dazed in London more times than I can remember. I have done it all, from going on a tube heading in the wrong direction, getting off at the wrong stop, jumping on the wrong connection, as well as jumping on buses that were heading the opposite way from the one that I was meant to be going. I have even been lost in tube stations, but that is so embarrassing and I would rather not talk about it!

I never go anywhere without my London Mini A to Z it is an invaluable piece of kit. I always carry a tube map in my wallet, which you can get for free at the tube station. I know my mini A to Z has one on the back page, but I need a magnifying glass to read it properly. I regularly check the London for Transport web site, when I travel long journeys. It is a fantastic and useful site for all travel options in London.

Oyster Card, this is a must for anybody travelling around in London.

I am always leave early because when you are in a rush in this city, there will inevitable be problems with the tubes or traffic jams.

London is cool

London is a cool city, this city is an amazing place to live in and that it is the true capital of the world.

For me London is a far more happening, culturally diverse and historic city.

London has been a huge learning curve for me since my arrival month ago! I have faced many obstacles, including the difficulties of having to find a decent place to work, as well as getting use to finding my way around this huge and crazy city. The coolness of London is something that I never truly appreciated untill I started actually living here.

How cool is London, well you will have to read my blog on a regular basis and find out for yourself.

Stay cool and stay tuned into what is happening in London courtesy of my blog, London Is Cool.

Roy Granted Visa After All!

The U.K. embassy has finally changed their mind! I has been granted a visa to come to United Kingdom.

The reversal came after I appealed the decision to reject my visa application twice.

My first two weeks in UK have been fun and eye-opening. I have found British to be very kind with a relaxed attitude about life.

Shopping Hours

I wanted longer shopping hours and I wanted Sunday Trading.

Here, things are slightly different. During the week, shopping hours are fine, we’ve got a 24-hour supermarket called ASDA (Now a Family of Walwart) down the road from us. On top of that, most shops are open to 7 or 8pm, though that might just be a summer months thing.

Sunday on the other hand. It’s useless. Most shops are closed, and those which aren’t close at odd hours.

07 September, 2010

Here I am

I can't believe it... its surreal.

After the longest years of my life, I am finally on the continent of Europe with no plans yet to go back to the Philippines.

I flew the Etihad Air out of Manila to Abu Dhabi and arrived today in Manchester, UK, and after an entertaining flight, I was finally in my sister's house.

My friend beside me in a plane helped calm my nerves for my long journey.

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