13 September, 2012

The New iPhone 5 Specs

Good news to all Apple fans! The new iPhone 5 has been launch!

I am very excited about the hardware here, but I am actually SO excited for software updates in iOS 6. Passbook and Maps both look great.

Photos of the iPhone 5 shown at the Apple event.
The New iPhone 5 specs:

112 grams (20 percent lighter than 4s), 7.6 mm (18 percent thinner), 4-inch display (up from 3.5 inches), 1136x640 pixel resolution (up from 960x640), a fifth row of icons on the screen, 44 percent more color saturation, LTE network compatible, available on Verizon/Sprint/ATT, processor and graphics are 2x faster (new A6 chip).

Battery: will "exceed battery life of the iPhone 4s." 8 hours talk time, 8 hours browsing, 10 hours wifi browsing, 10 hours video, 40 hours music, 225 hours standby.

Camera: 8 mp, 3264x2448 resolution, f/2.4 aperture, 25% smaller, improved low-light quality, panorama feature, 1080p HD video, front-facing Facetime camera updated (720p) and face detection, improved mics and speakers,

Dock and connector: 
New connector is called Lightning, 8 pin, reversible (adaptor available for current connector).

Prices: start at $199 for 16GB model.
Pre-orders start Sept. 14. Shipping starts Sept. 21 in US, Canada, and several other countries.

It's not about a device folks, it's about a truly seamless digital existence that actually wait for it works. Everything on your phone, tablet, laptop, desktop is sync'd and clean.

06 September, 2012

Did Senator Vicente "Tito" Sotto III do it again?

"Oops he did it again..." What's next? I can't wait for his response and alibi for this matter on TV, It's too embarrassing not only to himself but also from where he is standing as a SENATOR. So stupid, Artist-Politics?

Sotto is the perfect example of why PH needs the RH Bill. Stupid people should be prevented from reproducing.

This man deserves a seat.... in the school, not in Senate. A Senator who cannot construct his own sentence, can never construct a good law because it never came out from the flow of his heart and not from the knowledge of his own mind.

Yahoo! Southeast Asia posts the same comparison below:

Kennedy's speech:
"Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."

Sotto's speech:
"Tuwing naninindigan tayo para sa isang paniniwala, tuwing kumikilos tayo para mapabuti ang buhay ng iba, tuwing nilalabanan natin ang kawalan ng katarungan, nakalilikha tayo ng maliliit na galaw. Kapag nagkasama-sama ang mumunting galaw na mga ito, bubuo ito ng isang malakas na puwersang kayang magpabagsak maging ng pinakamatatag na dingding ng opresyon."

When you're making a speech you can actually quote words from famous people so i didnt see what sotto did wrong as long as he mention the person who originally said that.

05 September, 2012

Give Our New Chief Justice a Chance

Ma. Lourdes Sereno

Malacanang said Chief Justice Ma. Lourdes Sereno must be given a chance to perform her duties as her appointment has received positive feedback from various sectors anyway.

I listened from TV the taped short talk of CJ Sereno during the flag raising ceremony. I can sense that she was begging sympathy from her subordinates. This means she is uncomfortable and seemingly insecured. She must earn first their sympathies and not to expect immediate response. Her leadership can sway their hostilities.

Looking at what is happening in the Judiciary in the last few days, I do not forsee any possitive that will happen in the very near future. Sereno's first day in office as CJ seems to be a clear indication that she does'nt have a tight grip over the seven magistrates who have not attended her first flag raising ceremony and her speech during that event.

30 August, 2012

Cyber-bullying against Senator Sotto

Sotto: I'm the first Senator to be cyber-bullied.

This is what we get a disservice to all Filipinos a COMEDIAN, SCRIPTED actor pretending to be a Senator. He has no business being a politician. This is what Filipinos get if they kept voting for a SHOWBIZ PERSONALITIES. May this be a lesson.... This type of people are not doing a service to the country. They are merely taking up space in the Senate for those people who are more qualified and spent years in school. We need people who are educated, trustworthy, has morality in politics not just a good heart.

and yes... this type of people are expected to write laws. what do they have to offer on the table to be a Senator other than kept committing PLAGIARISM LIKE Sotto. I have no respect for him.

You were "bullied" not because of your stand in the RH Bill, instead of apologizing, you justify your shortcomings with lame excuses. The Philippine Senators are then unethical because plagiarism is rampant and accepted? Is this too hard for you to understand? There is nothing "legalish" about it. Have some decency and apologize.

Senator Sotto, you are a real piece of work!! If what you did is not plagiarism then I don't know what is! If some or most of the comments are too harsh on you it's because you wouldn't admit what you did is wrong. Maybe if you had apologized and admitted right there and then that what you did was not right, maybe you wouldn't be cyber-bullied.

He was the first senator to ever be a victim of cyber-bullying... more like he was the first senator to plagiarize a blogger's work.

You are a Senator. Crime or not; to commit plagiarism is not an option for a person in your status. If you cannot create an idea thought-assembled by your own rationality - as of course supported by external singularities, then you do not deserve to be a senator. There is a difference between being technically credible to run for senate and being essentially deserving to become a senator.

11 July, 2012

Comedy King Dolphy passes away

...and so passes the King of Comedy...by life a king, in heart a clown.

if would be difficult to find another comedian like him, our entertainment industry is like a deck of cards, we'll find the occasional king, but most are jacks.

One of the PILLAR and REAL ACTOR was already gone. But we need to continue to smile, to commemorate his contribution in the world of comedy in movie and television industry, as he himself wanted us to do.

May your smile become our smile and your laughter become our laugther as we continue our journey thru our lives. We will never forget you, and we will past on to our children about the story of your legacy you have made into the hearts of the filipino people.

RIP to a legacy, a legend, a hall of famer, one of the BEST COMEDIANS the nation have ever known, you may be gone but you will remain in our hearts,in our minds and in our souls.

To the most respectful person in the philippines who made many the people laugh when they sad now we should give thanks to our king of comedy Dolphy whose contribution to our country is so precious and cannot be replace but in our heart he is the most he is the one and only king may his soul rest in the kingdom of our god and may the almighty god bless his family ....

To the King of Comedy Dolphy Thanks and we love you and I say my Condolence..

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