11 July, 2012

Comedy King Dolphy passes away

...and so passes the King of Comedy...by life a king, in heart a clown.

if would be difficult to find another comedian like him, our entertainment industry is like a deck of cards, we'll find the occasional king, but most are jacks.

One of the PILLAR and REAL ACTOR was already gone. But we need to continue to smile, to commemorate his contribution in the world of comedy in movie and television industry, as he himself wanted us to do.

May your smile become our smile and your laughter become our laugther as we continue our journey thru our lives. We will never forget you, and we will past on to our children about the story of your legacy you have made into the hearts of the filipino people.

RIP to a legacy, a legend, a hall of famer, one of the BEST COMEDIANS the nation have ever known, you may be gone but you will remain in our hearts,in our minds and in our souls.

To the most respectful person in the philippines who made many the people laugh when they sad now we should give thanks to our king of comedy Dolphy whose contribution to our country is so precious and cannot be replace but in our heart he is the most he is the one and only king may his soul rest in the kingdom of our god and may the almighty god bless his family ....

To the King of Comedy Dolphy Thanks and we love you and I say my Condolence..

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