24 October, 2011

2 Drivers arrested in Chinese girl's death

Two drivers suspected of running over a toddler who died a week after she was struck on a busy market street in southern China and was ignored by passers-by was formally arrested by the Police.

The only reason these two men were hunted down and arrested is probably due to the fact that China is on the world stage, under the spotlights, and everyone is aware of what happened to this child and watching to see the actions taken by the Chinese Government. If this horrible event was not broadcast I expect it would have been swept under the rug as this was only a female and not a male child.
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If not exposed by internet postings for severe criticism, then there will not be a move on the part of local authority or public; life does not mean much in the eye of cold-blooded passerby, especially a tiny girl toddler in this male dominated society. We also should condemn mother for her gross negligence for not watching her closely. Crass materialism makes people in China by and large uncared and unfeeling toward fellow countryman in distress. Moral decay is inevitable as the consequence.


Maricel said...

I actually agree with your sentiment, Roy. Indeed, if China is not on the spotlight now, will they have done anything?

empi said...

I saw the video. Tsk! Tsk!

Diamond R said...

Sa video unbelievable ang mga reaksiyon ng mga taong nakakakita.Ganon ba sila?

Bennix said...

I have watch the video too.DI ko lang maisip kong gaano ka-manhid ang mga taong iyon...:)

Jomar Lipon said...

I saw this news on TV and was so sad for the family. D ko lubos maisip if tayo ang na.aksidente sa bansa nila. Hindi nga tinulungan yong tao tunay talaga naninirahan sa bansa nila tayo pa kaya na dayuhan lang. :(

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