16 July, 2011

How to Blog?

Lots of my readers and friends ask me how to blog? and why do I blog? Because they think I am just wasting my time and effort in blogging. As I have said I blog because I can and want too, and most importantly because I find it fun. The fun factor is that I am earning in my blog.
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The term "blog" comes from two words - web and log (web log). It is a journal where your thoughts and opinions are recorded, just like the paper-based journal, but with three distinct differences (that I could think of);

  • It is published on the internet rather than on paper.
  • It is open for public to read (this is optional).
  • It is interactive –readers can leave comments and you can answer them.
To start a blog is easy, and it can be done for free.

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Steps in starting a blog:

  1. Find a blogging provider. There are many blog providers available, most of them complete with template. Two of the more popular ones are Blogger and Wordpress. lf uses Blogger (recognized by the .blogspot extension).
  2. Sign up with the one you like. For Blogger the step by step sign-up process is explained here.
  3. You may not like the default templates, but go ahead with the sign-up. The template can be changed later if you wish. There are lots of sites offering free templates..
  4. The first thing to do after sign-up is to write and publish your first post. The purpose is for you to learn the mechanics of editing, previewing, publishing etc. So don’t think too much about this first post, just write something and publish. You can always delete later if you don’t like it.
  5. Decide if you want to keep your blog private or open it to public. You can set this in Dashboard>Settings.
  6. After a few postings and fine tuning your blog, you want to spread the word –tell your colleagues and friends about it, give them the URL (e.g. www.abdul-hakeem.com). Ask them to leave comments or suggestions.
  7. Keep on posting on regular basis, at the same time visit other blogs, learn from them. Write a comment before you leave and don’t forget to put your blog URL too.

Still don’t understand what to do? Try this video.

Happy blogging...


reese said...

i wish i read these when i started blogging...easy to follow steps. great!

empi said...

bagay sa mga baguhan! ayos. :)

Christian said...

Nice post! I myself struggling! At first, I don't what to do to increase the visibility of my site. I also implement your tip in my daily basis of blogging. It's effective!

Diamond R said...

ang layo na ng naratin mo sa blogging Roy you deserve the most influencial blogger of 2011

reese said...

hi! thanks for following my blog


hi thanks for accepting our request


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