04 October, 2011

Earn and Learn in UK

This is for those who are planning and for those who are already processing and waiting for their student visa at the British Embassy in Manila. This is the real situation now in UK nowadays of the students here.

"Earn while you learn in UK" is very much famous and will always be the slogan for those Agency or so-called Visa Consultancy Services.

Few years ago this is a very good entry for wanting to earn money abroad, but I have to guide you before coming in the UK. Many students are now struggling to stay here and some are now going back home in Philippines. Lucky those who have been here for more than a years because there's no such limitation of hours to work, at least they have been paid some of their debt while some have their own investments at home. How about those who just came in UK and there are still more coming and expend or borrowed alot of money with interest in bank?

I'm NOT telling you not to come in UK but I just want to share based on the real situation that students are experiencing today. Doing NVQ (National Vocational Qualifications) course has NO longer hours of work allowed. Degrees/Masteral courses has 20 hours of work but you are going to study in a Highly Trusted University which is very much expensive and your limited allowed hours of work will not be enough to pay all your school fees and debt. Aside for that you need to have extra work in order to live and pay all your bills.

New comers in UK are struggling to find a work placement and don't have even extra work, many establishment won't accept anymore student visa because of a limited hours to work. Usually finding a job in a Nursing Home would take 2-4 months waiting to complete all the legal requirements to work, imagine living in for that long period of time, no job and you are paying your flat, food, bills and your bank interest that you've borrowed every month.

Don't just believe from your visa consultant, you don't have actually work here because they are not a recruitment agency. They always keep saying good things abroad but never had telling anybody what are the consequences. The only one can tell you what's life being a student in UK is those who are already in there. Ask them the realities and how they are affected in this new student visa rule as a way of cutting immigration.

Think for a minute, imagine yourself and consider all my revelations when you are already here. Let me know what's in your mind. I know you have plenty of questions and confusing, so let us discuss it, I may be able to help you find answers.


isp101 said...

There are tons of Consulting Agency here in the Philippines. The ADS in newspapers will really get you interested to apply for a Student Visa; to land a job in U.K. someday. Giving false hopes to those who wants to get in U.K. You are right, visa consultants are just consultants, they are different from a real and legal Recruitment Agency. This is very informative, thank you for sharing, Roy! =)

Anciro said...

uli nalng cguro pre, sabay nalng ta pangita ug work diri sa manila..tnt

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