28 April, 2011

Royal wedding guests given ‘etiquette guide’

Royal Wedding guests have been sent a 22-page list of do's and don'ts – including how to hold their teacups.

The etiquette guide has commonsense tips such as not clashing with bride Kate Middleton’s outfit by wearing white or cream and keeping phones silent.

But there is also advice for the 1,900 guests on how to greet the Queen.

Etiquette is very important but for some it will be a minefield. That's why this guide will help.

  • Guests are asked to arrive at least 20 minutes before the ceremony begins.
  • As the Queen enters Westminster Abbey, everybody has to acknowledge her arrival with a curtsey or bow as she walks through. The same must happen as she leaves.
  • Wearing the right hat and not overdoing it is important. Wearing cream or white is not appropriate. That must be left to the bride.
  • Men in the Armed Forces should wear uniform and male civilians a lounge or morning suit. A top hat should be carried, not worn, inside the church.
  • There will be champagne flowing and you've got to hold the glass properly, by the stem.
  • During the formal dinner a lot of people won't know how to use a knife and fork properly, let alone which cutlery to choose from.
  • You must eat from the outside in and if you have a mass of glasses in front of you, it helps to know which to use.
  • With tea cups, lift the cup not the saucer and hold it very gently with your index finger and thumb, returning the cup to the saucer after every sip.
  • They have been told not to look at Kate, the Queen or any of the royals while serving. They must keep their heads down and be as discreet as possible.


Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

aba aba talaga nag research ka ba para dito?

Anonymous said...

Inaabangan ng buong bansa.



Diamond R said...

wow talagang kailangan may ganon

Keatondrunk said...

diko kaya ung last rule, na-aamaze ako kay kate e..

ABoyNamedXander said...

Amazing.. may ganun talaga oh.. sila na ang may wedding na ganyan.. hehehee...

Bino said...

yun oh! invited ? hehehehe. grabe ang tutok ng madla sa royal wedding

Bino said...

grabe nga to eh, krisis sa UK pero parang di sila apektado

helen said...

wow bawal tingnan yung bride. dito pa naman sa pilipinas wala tayong ginawa kundi tingnan yung bride lalo pag naglalakad sa aisle...

Ash said...

Naisip ko lang, pano kaya kapag pinoy ang susunod sa etiquette ng royal wedding? hehe

Unang una, Filipino time is Filipino time, as usual late ang mga guests darating, at late din magaganap ang wedding.

May guest sa wedding na mas bongga pa ang gown sa bride, hehe

And syempre, di maiwasang ni isa sa wedding guests ay mapalabas para lang sagutin ang tawag sa phone or magtext dahil di makatiis.

Haha, talagang pasaway ang pinoy, kaya imposible na ding magkaroon pa ng royal wedding type dito sa Pinas kahit na super bongga pa ang wedding na magaganap.

Bino said...

isa pa, walang royal couple dito kaya imposibleng magkaroon ng royal wedding hehehehe

luckyfinds said...

Kate is a lovely bride. Marirap yatang hindi tingnan ang brinde when she is the star of the occasion

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