22 October, 2011

RIP Yue Yue - China toddler 'hit and run'

Yue Yue, a Chinese toddler who was ignored by 18 passers-by as she lay critically injured in the street after being run over by two vehicles has died.

My heart is broken for you Yue Yue... May you rest in peace with the Lord. I hope this would serve as an eye opener to the Chinese government. Chinese are human not monsters so please act according to what you are. I hope that driver will feel the guilt that he could not sleep his whole life. He destroyed Yue yue's precious future and that's very heart breaking to the parents heart.

This poor little girl is not my child but the moment I heard such bad news and seen the video, I couldn't get over of the pain until now. I feel so really bad! My heart just can't stand the pain.

Now, you'll feel no more pain but the pain stays in my heart as I remember you and the people who did this to you. I will pray for your soul and your family, and for the shameful people who let this thing happened.

Well I am very happy and very proud being Filipino. No Filipino ever leave and ignore the child dying in the street . Those passerby who walk and never extend help and ignore the dying child I hope it happened to you the way the child suffered how cruel people are in these days. No heart and no God at all in their hearts.
May this incident serves as a learning experience not only in China but to everyone. Always exercise kindness and humanity to everyone you see...
Warning: Graphic video

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mayen said...

I didn't even watch the video. My brother and my mom discussing it one time at home and I asked them to tell me the story. My brother said I can find the video online but I can't bring myself the watch it. Having told the story alone really made me beyond sad. I don't think I can stand the video. I was angry and still is. I love children they really precious, so I don't understand, why those people who saw this poor baby, didn't anything. It's so inhumane.

I totally agree that no Filipino is as heartless as those who saw Yue yue in the street. Maybe not all of us are good but if that happens here, I'm sure help will come to to the child in no time. That thought of that makes me proud to be a Filipino as well. This is very long comment. Maybe I should just write my own post about it. hehe..

Edmaration etc said...

you know what Roy... I also watched this few days back and I can say that the people in that place are among the worsts! That place should be a place to avoid! grrr..

Anonymous said...

Grabe/.... way mga boot bay...

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