16 October, 2011

The gathering with new friends

Last night we had a gathering of Filipino friends. I had a good time over all and I'm happy to celebrate the occasion because I have met many new Filipino friends.

In this gathering, there are something that I have noticed while having fun with them. I remember my friends in Philippines when things like this; one of it is I couldn't have make confortable myself the best I can. Usually I do have a long night chatting with friends outside the house and extend more hours of having fun.

Here England, it's because of the cold weather nowadays I couldn't do it outside the house anymore. I really wanted to go out and have a fresh air while enjoying myself with friends like in the Philippines but I'm really freezing whenever I tried to go out and sat along with them.

That's make me feel unhappy sometimes remembering my life  way back home. Honestly, I'm not really enjoying myself during my stay in abroad, most of the time I am at work and goes straight to where I live.

This is what life is, we have to work in order to live. We need to sacrifice in order to be able to really focus and achieve what you want and need to achieve.

We can do this, and we can be successful, but it is time consuming and takes a lot of work and sacrifice and sometimes more work and more sacrifice than we would have imagined.


Herbert said...

ganun talaga siguro yun kahit matagal na tau sa isang lugar meron pa ring mga bagay na mahirap pa rin sa atin na e adopt.


Enjoy life as it is. Makaka adjust ka rin...
You're on blog roll daily list!


isp101 said...

Bakit pa kasi kailangan mag work eh, kung pwede lang na hindi noh?! Hehehe! Naho homesick ka lang siguro, Roy, don't worry, at least, you are earning more in U.K. Maganda ang future mo dyan, so, consider it as a blessing! =)

Zen said...

Makes me realize how different it is to live in another country compared to our beloved country..

empi said...

Enjoy na lang with new friends. :D

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