21 October, 2011

Taal Volcano big sign as enhancement

The proposed Hollywood-inspired Batangas sign on Taal Volcano perhaps the nation's most famous vista by Movie star-turned-politician Vilma Santos-Recto.

Aesthetically, not good. Somethings will just be more beautiful when left as is. And knowing Filipinos' kind of thinking, other provinces will copy it and do the same thing with their tourist spots and eventually, before we know it, the Philippines will be like "signage capital of the world" or "the texted capital of the world.." Our ancestors had valued volcanoes as sacred, for Laon's sake. I believe the Batangas officials can think of better things to promote tourism rather than that.

Quite an insult to the Filipinos and to Taal Volcano. You're putting a sign just to justify and to prove to us that Taal is part of Batangas? I hope you can start brainstorming about other things to do to enhance tourism in Batangas, and leave Taal volcano alone! It's already perfect on its own. Please stop ruining our environment!

Gov. Santos if you are talking about enhancement then you should do it like in postcards were Taal Volcano is the superstar, road maps to Taal must be visible in our airports, hotels and travel agencies and i am talking free maps here, advertisements in the Internet by having websites and other media instruments. In addition, clean toilets in the area. These are the enhancement that are needed for Taal and not putting a gigantic name withing the area because you are desecrating the place. If this was patterned like in Hollywood then you got it all wrong. Introducing the Taal Volcano could be done through advertisements and tour guides. Simple as that.


Pinoy Travel Freak said...

True! Don't like the idea either.

Gian Faye said...

Now that this has turned into another Internet meme, Filipinos would indeed remember that the Taal volcano is a part of Batangas. :D

Anonymous said...

I saw the photo of Hundred Islands with each island numbered. It's just funny and nonsense.

By the way, Roy you got an award from me haha. Not sure if you're into virtual blogger awards but hey it doesn't hurt to have one right?


Diamond R said...

May point ka Roy. for the sake of introducing it as part of Batangas.

Edmaration etc said...

IT's a hideous move Roy I guess... Why should just we claim that Taal Volcano is owned by the Philippines instead of having a provincial war of that is the case. ANyway, it is a Pinoy pride at all.

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