14 October, 2011

Facebook app on iPad?

I am looking for Facebook App on iPad since usually an App is much easier to use and the most simplified than using a Safari browser.

But, I just realized that we don't really need a mobile app for Facebook because iPad isn't mobile. Using Facebook the normal way is perfectly fine on the iPad.

I know that Apple has now conditioned us to think we can't do unless there is an app for it, but we can. It's easy. As far not being able to zoom, I was able to zoom in and out of pages on Facebook this morning, I think it was a glitch they fixed. Really people, let's focus energy on something useful.

It's an 11" screen. Use the safari browser. It's more functional than the app, which is only something to get you through the day, not a replacement for the site.

Oh well, by the way, my iPhone app is also good enough for me, and it frankly keeps me from spending too much time on Facebook.


Bino said...

wala akong ipad. di makarelate :D

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