08 October, 2011

My experiment in Chitika Ads

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For 3 years, I have been an Adsense Publisher, and over the time it is my main source of revenue in blogging. I try not to banned from Google Adsense, and I try to integrate my ads in a proper way. They have a lot of rules and I adhere to all of them to my knowledge. I have always liked Adsense and it works quite well for me. 

Recently, just over a week ago, I found out my Adsense was inactive. I feel very disappointing, for several years of taking care of my Adsense now its all gone. I don't know what to do, I lost my £60 every cashout I've made on my blog. It was terrible because the reasons behind of being inactive is I really don't know about doing it.

Someone contacted me and told me I should try Chitika Ads. I have never done this before. It did look good, so I signed up and replaced my ads from Adsense in a few strategic locations in my blog to see how they would do. For me, they have not done well at all, sorry to say.

In my every post, Chitika puts local merchants and maps on the ads. All I see is their ads repeating the main keyphrase of the page, then placing the little maps and pictures. Chitika should be able to match the ads to the subject matter of my post. I assumed Chitika could do what Adsense does, but so far they are not able to perform in a similar way.

I am not quitting yet. Just saying my disappointing experience so far. I hope after several months it will improve? Not sure, but certainly hoping it will. Overall, Adsense works, and so far, chitika does not work very well.

In conslusion, I have not reached a decision yet, and I will continue to experiment with it and see if I can make it work. I hope one of you guys will help me decide and teach me how to improve my earnings in Chitika.

Meanwhile you can Sign-up Chitika Ads below if you wish to try like me.

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isp101 said...

Roy, Good Morning! If you will ask my opinion, hindi na talaga maganda ang Chitika ngayon... I prefer the ads from SMOWTION, malaki din mag bigay, gaya ng AdSense. Or, Bidvertiser, which also pay good! Ito kasi yung dalawang main Ads na ginagamit ng mga friends ko na banned sa Google AdSense. Here's the link for your reference:

SMOWTION: https://publisher.smowtion.com/users/signup/jomidasma

BIDVERTISER: http://www.bidvertiser.com/bdv/bidvertiser/bdv_ref.dbm?Ref_Option=pub&Ref_PID=397740

empi said...

Adsense ko din nawala na.. sayang yong kita doon. tsk!

reese said...

i have a chitika account pero i never use their ads pa in my blog. good thing you share this experience.
what happened to your PR? went to zero?

Roy said...

Recently, all PR are N/A or 0...

Diamond R said...

Thanks for sharing.Though I have no idea about ads in blogs.

Career Mom Online said...

Not looking good for Chitika then? I'll try what JoMi suggested. Thanks for sharing, Roy! My Chitika ads never did show up, not even once, ever since I incorporated them in my blog three weeks ago.

Karla said...

Sayang naman po yung adsense nyo. :( Baka pwede pang mabalik yun kasi I saw a blog post dati sa Pinoymoneytalk naban siya ng adsense pero na-regain nya account nya.

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