30 July, 2011

London 2012 Olympics: 1 year to go

I was in Trafalgar Square to see the party that the Mayor of London celebrates 1 year to go to London 2012 Olympics.

The crowd has just started when I arrived in this square. The ceremony isn't for another hour and a half, and people are already coming here. A lot of our work is about here the spaces are going to be where people can enjoy us.

23 July, 2011

I just want to own a camera

It's been almost a year now since living here in UK. I am in the City of Sheffield, north England in particular. I am 4 hours in a coach every time I went to London and about more than 2 hours in a train.

One of my main objectives of this blog is to stay in touch with my friends and family in the Phillippines, showing to them what life abroad is and for them to explore the places I have been to.

21 July, 2011

My summary on blogging

I started out this second personal blog of mine when I moved to London. I founded it in 2010 mainly to stay in touch with my friends and family in Philippines. It makes me smile to read that very first entry as I clearly thought I was very late to the blogging game, when in fact I know so many blogs that have been founded much more recently!

There are so many blogs trying to make money and – let’s be honest – many (not all) of them don’t have any personality. There are blogs that I LOVE but there is also a terrible SAMENESS to many blogs. In the last year or so I have come to the realisation that I don’t really care about making money from my blogging. I just want to have fun. And so, I have made my First Fun Blog contest.

20 July, 2011

Restructure my personal blog

You blog. You Profit. Sign up for SocialSpark!
I'm trying to restructure my personal blog. I want to make this as simple, clean and pleasant to readers.

This means I will start to eliminate those some unnecessary widgets later on including my google adsense. And recently, I separate news blog and personal, in a blogging environment at least.

My main reason is to make this site concentrate on online marketplace that connects me directly with advertisers who will pay me to write posts about their products, services and websites on my own blog.

19 July, 2011

I did not go to UP, Ateneo or La Salle – so what?

There were times some people ask one question on me. Where did you go to school?

"La Salle?"
"Uhm, UP?"

I have to admit I wasn’t exactly proud of my school. I wasn’t ashamed of it, either, but my immature and insecure younger self didn’t know how to deal with people from more prestigious schools inquiring about my background. I feared they would look down on me if they found out I wasn’t their schoolmate.

18 July, 2011

Fell in love with Chicken Shawarma

One of the first street foods I fell in love with in the Philippines was Chicken Shawarma. So juicy and delicious and really very quick and easy to make when you buy.

Ironically enough, while I lived in UK for almost a year now, there was a Middle Eastern (Egyptian, I think) gentleman who ran a food stall near where I lived and sold nothing but Shawarmas.

He would have chicken rotating on a spit over a heated element, and would shave off the outside regularly onto pita bread or the like. He would add a cucumber-yogurt type sauce that reminded me of the sauce they'd put on gyros, and then for those who liked it spicy, a unique red and somewhat spicy sauce as well as some dry seasoning to shake over it. I think it would have been fabulous with lamb, but the chicken was amazing as it was, with some onions, tomatoes, and lettuce added. It was perfection! I will always remember this dish.

16 July, 2011

How to Blog?

Lots of my readers and friends ask me how to blog? and why do I blog? Because they think I am just wasting my time and effort in blogging. As I have said I blog because I can and want too, and most importantly because I find it fun. The fun factor is that I am earning in my blog.

13 July, 2011

Checkout my new restructured news blog

I briefly touched on this in my post and have somewhat revised my opinion. Whether its simply because I've had time to change my mind, or because other posts have influenced me I'm not sure, but I've come to the conclusion that it is now time to separate news blog and personal, in a blogging environment at least.

Bishops elect Palma to lead CBCP


Start being a real shepherd of your flock and refrain from political inuendos. You assumed the leadership of CBCP at a time when it most beleaguered by various unsavory issues.

It's not an easy task ahead. But with God on your side, you will succeed. Just make sure you do an honest to goodness cleansing among your ranks.

12 July, 2011

CBCP apologizes over PCSO scandal

What values are these bishops taking about? I don't know what vows they have taken when they were ordained, but surely they lost them all. The Church that they represents is tarnished by their stupid actions. Surely, decency is not in their system anymore. Can't they see the rampant poverty among our countrymen? And yet they have the gall to show off their luxury vehicles.

10 July, 2011

Philippines, China agree to keep peace in West Philippine Sea

We can not trust China, the true face of a wolf ready to devour its prey! We should wake up and take immediate necessary countermeasures against an ambitious aggressive communist China before it’s too late!

Trusting the Chinese? How many of those promises and even contracts that they violated? am sure they will do what is best for them ones opportunity comes even if steps on somebody's toes.

09 July, 2011

Survey: Poverty and Hunger drop

The government is trying to resolve as much they can do in order to ease and alleviate major problems being inherited from those previous government. To be exact Filipinos are hardworking and positive at all times since our culture flows higher than our pessimistic attitude.

07 July, 2011

Butuan Bishop admits receiving SUV from PCSO

I came from a Catholic school and if I remember right we were told that anyone from the religious like the nuns and priests are taught to live a life of "SIMPLICITY" and reject luxurious gifts from anyone because they should embody or reflect the way Jesus lived HIS life. We should all remember the name of this Bishop because he is definitely unfit to hold office much more spread the teaching of God, and I doubt it he will even be removed from office, knowing how the church likes to cover up the crimes of their priests. And what a lame excuse to use revenge by the Aquino government towards GMA's allies. What you did was so shameful and unfit for someone serving God don't blame anyone for your greediness, Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos.

04 July, 2011

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Philippine Azkals beat Sri Lanka

CONGRATULATION TO TEAM AZKALS. I am one of the big fans of Madrid team in FIFA World 2010.... now because of what you did to Sri Lanka, I am yours! Keep up the good work AZKALS. Next Fight with Kuwait bet them too. TEAM WORK is the best weapon to bet the enemy. Hope you can make it to the FIFA WORLD Cup

This is it. Time to be nationalistic. Let's all support the Azkals, our own Pinoy Football Team. They're the best that ever happened to Philippine sports after Pacquiao.

Just stay optimistic and stay well-disciplined players and we will reach our final goal to be recognize also in football games possibly much better if we would qualify to play in the WORLD CUP. Let us all pray that God will also allow it to happen with the continuous fighting spirit of the team and overwhelming support of Filipinos here and abroad.

I'm so happy that our football team won,I hope and pray that we qualify in the world cup although its a long way to go, football is a game where we Filipino can excel, I hope we all support our Football team, I wish I can be in Kuwait to watch it live on their next game, hope our team continues their good team work and God bless the coach who plan the technical moves needed.

Football is suitable for Filipinos. You don't have to be a 7-footer. Little boys will be inspired to play this game. Besides, more players can play at a time. In basketball, if you're the 9th best player in the team, you better expect to ride the bench and play chess with the 10th player.

02 July, 2011

Smoking ban in Philippine Capital

Outstanding Job to the law enforcers! I hope the law include the premises of Malacanang Palace and the offices of president (it's still a government spaces). The leaders of the country should lead the example for the masses.

Under the new ban, people caught smoking at schools, gyms, parks, hospitals, elevators and stairwells of all buildings, buses and bus depots, restaurants, and government facilities will be hit with the 500-peso fine.

Health advocates have repeatedly called on the chain-smoking President Benigno Aquino to lead the campaign and quit. But he has rejected becoming a role model, saying smoking is one of few remaining ways to relieve the stress from his job.

How can the president sign an official law to be enforced, if he himself is not willing to set an example? This attitude is just unintelligible!?

Smoking is a filthy habit. It harms the smoker and also others by second hand smoke. But clean up the smoke belchers and factory's that emit smoke. And burning trash is harmful to others, so stop this also. But not just in Manila, but country wide.

The downside however, is what will happen to the money being collected? MMDA Personnels, hmmm, to me it rings the bell (which sounds kotong!) They are dispatched in pair and even assisted by a spotter doesn't guarantee KOTONG is far away.

Corruption is rooted in every goverment agency from the top down to the clerks. Even asking for a Incident Police report from your local police station asks for LAGAY nowadays. What makes this Anti-smoking officers different from their corrupt peers? I salute the mission but I am afraid this is another avenue for corruption.

.com Your Blog Contest - Winner!

Hi everyone!

Sorry for posting the results of the contest so late! I ended up pulling a double shift & spent most of the weekend asleep! Sorry about that!!!

In any case, I picked a winner using random.org (awesome site to play around with, if you're curious) & here's the winner:

I'll be sending you a tweet with the winning code from @iluvroy!

The Following are the List of names who Joined my .com Your Blog Contest. I gave additional entry those who both tweeted and shared on facebook.

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Thanks ever so much for joining. Watch out next week my next exciting contest for this month!!!


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