28 October, 2011

UK Travel advisory on Philippine holidays

The United Kingdom urged its residents to practice sensible precautions on its travel advisory.

Even though there are travel advisories such like this of UK then I ask how come that there are many foreigners aside from having a vacation here, they prefer to have their retirements here. violence is everywhere, it's a normal world we have.

Many foreigners living in our country can attest that they enjoy the protection and assistance of no less than their neighbors. Our crime rate is not even a tenth of that of New York, USA. It is just a matter of coordinating with the proper authorities to live safely and securely.

I feel insulted on behalf of the Philippine population. Yes there are places in Southern Mindanao that are not as safe as other places but I didn't see any Philippine travel warnings about going to the UK and being caught up is street violence and riots nor any warnings about UK, Australia where there are street roberies and murders daily which is no different to any major city in the world. There are pick pockets, thiefs and everywhere someone looking to exploit others.

I have lived here in UK and like any city there are places best avoided paticularly at night but for a country to issue travel warnings is an insult and only looks at a very very small percentage of what is a beautiful and friendly nation.

Wake up UK and I hope the Philippine government also issues warnings about travel to the UK and what to avoid.


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