05 October, 2011

No iPhone 5 released!

Today, October 4 is said to be the media announcement of the iPhone 5.

I am following every events and news on the released because I am a little bit excited to see what's the new iPhone will look like.

As it happened, there was no iPhone 5, but Apple announce the new iPhone 4S. UK release date will be on October 14 with pre-orders opening on October 7.

Although I am disappointed with the lack of iPhone 5 but it's not surprising that Apple has chosen to go down this route.

So that's it, by the end of the year Apple are going to broaden to 70 countries and 100 network carriers, this will be the fastest rollout ever had for an iPhone. And that's the iPhone 4S.

Well, that's going to be a bit of a shock. How are people going to know that you're walking down the street with a new phone if it doesn't look different?

"So the new iPhone 4S... entirely new on the inside ... dual antennas ... it's a worldphone ... twice as fast downloads ... camera ... 1080p video camera ... and of course iOS 5. And of course" (again?) "comes with iCloud.

Do you still want to upgrade your iPhone 4 into 4S?


Bino said...

inaabangan ko pa naman ung iphone 5

Anonymous said...

hahaha buti nga.. hahaha

Diamond R said...

iphone 5 na kahit 1 wala ako.

Lala said...

@Diamond R hahahahahaha

Manuel Garcia said...

Ako rin ! Ipinagyabang ko pa sa mga classmate ko yung trailer ng Iphone 5. Dahil wala pang nakakaalam sa kanila. hahahaha :D

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