29 August, 2011

An Invitation from Influential Blogger

I was so glad when I received an invitation from Ms Janette Toral as chosen as one of the participants on her:
at Le Bistro Vert, Fraser Place, Valero St., Makati City. 
Program shall be as follows:

  • Dinner / cocktails
  • Observations and Lessons learned - Top 10 Emerging Influential Blogs writing project (Janette Toral)
  • Raffle Draw (using Random.org) - 10 winners who will get US$100 each. Of course, those who can't make it are still part of the draw and can win. The following are in our raffle masterlist (those who have at least 10 qualified blogs cited and with mention of sponsors):

28 August, 2011

Celebrating Blog Day with Nuffnang

I really love blogging because I find it fun with lots of new friends. I am a blog junkie. I do always visit and read my favorite bloggers, their blogs really inspired me, wouldn't be great if I could share those blogs with everyone?

Nuffnang celebrates Blog Day 2011, time to recommend my favorite blogs from all over the world! Blog Day was created with the belief that bloggers should have one day dedicated to getting to know other bloggers areas of interest and I am proud to participate in celebrating the 6th Blog Day on 31st August 2011!

24 August, 2011

The Countryside of England

Countryside here I come. In order to be able to write this post I was able to use some picture that I took on the day. I visited South Yorkshire and the wonderful surroundings and I wanted to share some of the amazing sights with you.

23 August, 2011

The Philippine Embassy in London

I really don't know where is the Philippine Embassy in London until I've lost my passport and I need to apply for a new one.

That's it, I need to know where in London is the embassy was. I ask my friends and Google how I could reach the place. It was situated actually in Suffolk Street, London near in Trafalgar Square. I always have been in Trafalgar because I like the place and people around are always busy taking photos in a variety of performers. It is at the very heart in London near Big Ben. Not knowing the embassy was just a walking distance in this square, so when I came back to find it, I could easily found the Philippine Embassy.

16 August, 2011

My Thanksgiving Giveaways

Next month is my first year in the UK, September 7 to be exact. I remember how excited I was on my first step in England. I would like to celebrate my thanksgiving through a blog contest despite of the new law of the BIR (well, they are free to come in UK to sue me).

It is time to give thanks and express gratitude of this my special occassion, I’m giving away 1-year Web Hosting and 2 (two) Domain Names. This is my way of expressing my gratitude for all the blessings I’ve received this year including my earnings in my blog.

Don't miss... Orlando

Start planning the Orlando holidays you will be talking about for years!

If it's fun, action and excitement, Orlando is the place for you. Like the rest of the world, it's the place people are wanting to visit, live and do business.

Its has been my dream to have a vacation in the U.S. and will choose Orlando as my point of destination all through my holidays. Bordered by blue sea and golden sands, is a wonderful mix of lively resorts, whitewashed villages, and cobbled streets.

Previously, I had heard that my friend had a good impression visiting in a various theme parks in there, which focus my mind to visit. After a hard work in my job, I think it's time to visit Orlando. I just need to save now so that I don't miss Orlando.

As we linger in the warm sunshine, Orlando is my next destination with its landscape filled with beaches. If you're a beach-lover, then Orlando is for you. Berthing in the very heart of the prettiest towns and villages along Florida, is the perfect choice for a wonderful sightseeing holiday, you can sightsee all day long, at leisure on shore with Orlando villas.

I imagine getting home from holidays, and finding it with so much of fun. I really love to visit this place, I can't wait every day passing by, it sounds absolutely so much of enjoyment on my holidays soon and I can't bring myself to tell my friends and family the fun I had.

10 August, 2011

What is Zocor?

Zocor or simvastatin is a medication use to control the amount of fat content that is in the blood, as well as keep cholesterol in a person's body sustained at a healthy amount.

Side Effects of Zocor includes constipation; headache; mild stomach pain; nausea.

You need to seek medical attention when SEVER side effects occur like severe allergenic reactions (rash; hives; itching; difficulty breathing; tightness in the chest; swelling of the mouth, face, lips or tongue) chest pain; dark or red-colored urine, muscle pain, tenderness or weakness (with or without fever and fatigue); pale stools; red, swollen, blistered, or peeling skin; sever or persistent stomach pain; yellowing of skin or eyes.

Muscle injury and other side effects may be entitled to a compensation for their pain and suffering. All states have statutes of limitations that determine the time period allowed to file a Zocor lawsuit.

A zocor lawsuits concerns anyone who took high levels of Zocor for cholesterol levels.

09 August, 2011

Looking to rent a home in Calgary?

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It's the easiest way to rent a home in Calgary!

01 August, 2011

Share a Dream and Win $50 ~ WINNER

Thank you ever so much for joining my contest, Share a Dream and Win $50. It's so nice to read all your dreams that you've shared. Best wishes to all of us.

To select the winner, I have a panel of 8 distinguished judges (a.k.a. some good friends) who've choose the following 8 dreamers.

Ramadan Kareem (Happy Ramadan)

Special Ramadan Post

"Ramadan Mubarak" to all of my readers across the world.

May Allâh forgive us for all our known and unknown sins, help all of us to make the best of this blessed month and come closer to HIM - Ameen.

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