18 October, 2011

NAIA is world's worst airport, says poll

Manila's Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 1 has just been voted, again, as among the world's worst airport in a reader poll.

I don't know in what category this survey was made. A lot of lousy and disorganized airports exist in the world. Let them look at the third world countries airports so that they may know how this airports operate. If Philippine terminal is compared with the terminals of airports in first world countries, then it would be reasonable since Philippines could not match the budget of rich countries.

But well, in this poll, I think the government officials and the officials of NAIA are to be congratulated for their no sweat achievement.

This is the result of their productive corruptions. Pardon me for those who knew they serve the country and NAIA religiously.

Again, I congratulate the Philippines along with its airport officials, the aviation security and the immigaration officers for continuing their work to make our airport the worst in the world. Keep it up! You deserve all applause!

This is the result of graft and corruption done by government officials and also lack of discipline of the people. I know we still can't afford major renovations but I think the government should find ways to improve our airport facilities and appearances. I feel sorry for NAIA for having such facilities and people.
After all, we should live within our means, let's not pretend if we don't have it. Projecting a good image of our country helps in getting more tourists than creating more insults. With more of them coming, money generated could be used to uplift the facility. Instead of helping the government by giving suggestions, thoughtless people added more insults to the injury.
I know you too have your experience in NAIA, will you consider it as the world's worst airport?


Diamond R said...

Parang usapang pamilya ito.Una sa lahat kong sino man ang nagpapalabas ng poll na yan away ang hanap niya. kahit saan ano gaano man ito kagaling may mapupuna at mapupuna ka.
may problema alam nga lahat ito. Pero sabihin namang worst ibang usapan na yan.ka dami namang airport sa buong mundo.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

isa na namang dagok sa administrasyon ni Pnoy....

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

isa itong dagok sa administrasyon ni Pnoy..

Herbert said...

If PAL will be gone in NAIA, NAIA would be a better airport

Bino said...

hindi mapiplease ang lahat. ganun talaga ang buhay. challenge to sa naia.

Semidoppel said...

Hmmm Phil Airlines ba? I thought it was Se Air

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