17 October, 2011

Students on spending recent gadgets

I was just watching a report of the release of the Apple iPhone 4S in London and if you check the video its practically all students, some even walking away with more than one.

When they were asked how much they had paid one guy said the price didn't make any sense and he considered it obscene to even mention it.

Unfortunately most of these students will be the same ones marching on the streets protesting tuition hikes which is for their future and their own good.

When it comes to spending money on such gadgets as phones or other similar products, money never seems to be a question, seems to me if you have to pick between less fancier phone or your education, I would choose the latter.

Almost every student you see has the most recent electronic gadgets as soon as they are available, and for the better part, these are the same ones who complain about everyday things that are for their own good. This whole thing is more of a fad than anything else, its who will be seen with the latest gadget first.


Keatondrunk said...

d2 pala napupunta ang kanilang pangtuition hehe, musta bro!

Will said...

Applicable din to sa Philippines. I have friends with iPads who are very active in the tuition related rallies.

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