08 October, 2010

Some cultural differences

Cultural differences, on the whole, are more fun than frustrating. Table etiquette, for example, will cause the average Filipino to stick out like a sore thumb (the British tend not to eat everything with a fork only, the way we do).

After ample attention is drawn to the strangeness of our American expressions and idioms, I begin to adopt theirs. I start practicing "Ta" for "Thank you" and "Cheers" for not only "Thank you" but "Good-bye," "Have a nice day," "Here's to your health," and various other friendly phrases.

There was a definite language barrier between the accents and different words. For the first month I could hardly understand anything. It seems there are an infinite number of dialects here; I am eventually learn the differences now. Expect to ask people to repeat themselves, as the words tend to blend together.

The English are very friendly and open, but also very proud. Some have a certain disdain for Yanks,I did not take it personally, because most of them do not mean it personally and once I show them how likable I am, they forget the difference.

The pedestrian in England does not have the right of way as in Manila. English drivers, like most Europeans, drive aggressively. Even when stepping into a large striped crosswalk I make sure oncoming traffic is going to stop because all crosswalks are not mandatory stops for vehicles.

What's nice is that if I make a lot of international friends, I will have much more fun. I make the effort to find friends. I get different perspectives on life, and I have a better time living here.

I have to always must speak first because everyone appreciates and will be friendly.


Bino said...

just like in ireland. pag binati ka nila sasabihin nilang top of the morning to you. dapat sagutin mo sila ng and the rest of the day to yourself

Diamond R said...

may mga ganon talaga.Pero siguro pag alam nilang foreigner di dont expect too much at kung hindi sila na ang may problema.

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