02 July, 2011

Smoking ban in Philippine Capital

Outstanding Job to the law enforcers! I hope the law include the premises of Malacanang Palace and the offices of president (it's still a government spaces). The leaders of the country should lead the example for the masses.

Under the new ban, people caught smoking at schools, gyms, parks, hospitals, elevators and stairwells of all buildings, buses and bus depots, restaurants, and government facilities will be hit with the 500-peso fine.

Health advocates have repeatedly called on the chain-smoking President Benigno Aquino to lead the campaign and quit. But he has rejected becoming a role model, saying smoking is one of few remaining ways to relieve the stress from his job.

How can the president sign an official law to be enforced, if he himself is not willing to set an example? This attitude is just unintelligible!?

Smoking is a filthy habit. It harms the smoker and also others by second hand smoke. But clean up the smoke belchers and factory's that emit smoke. And burning trash is harmful to others, so stop this also. But not just in Manila, but country wide.

The downside however, is what will happen to the money being collected? MMDA Personnels, hmmm, to me it rings the bell (which sounds kotong!) They are dispatched in pair and even assisted by a spotter doesn't guarantee KOTONG is far away.

Corruption is rooted in every goverment agency from the top down to the clerks. Even asking for a Incident Police report from your local police station asks for LAGAY nowadays. What makes this Anti-smoking officers different from their corrupt peers? I salute the mission but I am afraid this is another avenue for corruption.


Nimmy said...

great job!!! Wohooo!

Sayang may .com contest ka pala.hindi ako nakasali. hihihi

Anciro said...

dpat i ban najud na ......................

bloggingpuyat said...

sana lang maipatupad ng maayos at hindi pagkakitaan ng buwaya. hehe..

RoNRoNTuRoN said...


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