04 July, 2011

Philippine Azkals beat Sri Lanka

CONGRATULATION TO TEAM AZKALS. I am one of the big fans of Madrid team in FIFA World 2010.... now because of what you did to Sri Lanka, I am yours! Keep up the good work AZKALS. Next Fight with Kuwait bet them too. TEAM WORK is the best weapon to bet the enemy. Hope you can make it to the FIFA WORLD Cup

This is it. Time to be nationalistic. Let's all support the Azkals, our own Pinoy Football Team. They're the best that ever happened to Philippine sports after Pacquiao.

Just stay optimistic and stay well-disciplined players and we will reach our final goal to be recognize also in football games possibly much better if we would qualify to play in the WORLD CUP. Let us all pray that God will also allow it to happen with the continuous fighting spirit of the team and overwhelming support of Filipinos here and abroad.

I'm so happy that our football team won,I hope and pray that we qualify in the world cup although its a long way to go, football is a game where we Filipino can excel, I hope we all support our Football team, I wish I can be in Kuwait to watch it live on their next game, hope our team continues their good team work and God bless the coach who plan the technical moves needed.

Football is suitable for Filipinos. You don't have to be a 7-footer. Little boys will be inspired to play this game. Besides, more players can play at a time. In basketball, if you're the 9th best player in the team, you better expect to ride the bench and play chess with the 10th player.


Bino said...

congrats to the team!

empi said...

napanood ko ang laban ng live... first halftime... inulan ng todo akala pero buti na lang noong second half tumila rin. ang saya saya!nagkakaisa ang mga pinoy! :)

dadedidhodong said...

I may have not watch any of their game but I've been hearing good news about their team. Anyhow, God bless Azkals! Continue to inspire Filipinos and BREAK A LEG!

reese said...

i love azkals!!!

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