18 July, 2011

Fell in love with Chicken Shawarma

One of the first street foods I fell in love with in the Philippines was Chicken Shawarma. So juicy and delicious and really very quick and easy to make when you buy.

Ironically enough, while I lived in UK for almost a year now, there was a Middle Eastern (Egyptian, I think) gentleman who ran a food stall near where I lived and sold nothing but Shawarmas.

He would have chicken rotating on a spit over a heated element, and would shave off the outside regularly onto pita bread or the like. He would add a cucumber-yogurt type sauce that reminded me of the sauce they'd put on gyros, and then for those who liked it spicy, a unique red and somewhat spicy sauce as well as some dry seasoning to shake over it. I think it would have been fabulous with lamb, but the chicken was amazing as it was, with some onions, tomatoes, and lettuce added. It was perfection! I will always remember this dish.

I'd like to find someone who has a good, tried and true recipe for the ingredients to a shawarma like this! The dry seasoning, the yogurt sauce, and the hot sauce all- and any technique to preparing it all. I'd love to do this for my family- and I'd like to do it using an authentic recipe like they did on that street corner.

I'll take any good ones though- and I'm sure all here who haven't yet had it, and try it, will be thankful as well. This is one dish I will always remember, more than any other food I had in UK.


Good Filipino said...

Yum Yum Yum natatakam ako sir :) hehehehe

Bino said...

ba't ang sarap ng hitsura ng shawarma na yan hehhee

Pepe said...

bakit ba di ko trip ang lasa ng shawarma.. hehe. matapang ang amoy eh. pero sa picture na yan, parang ang sarap. masilip nga ang ref kung may makakain. nagutom ako bigla. hehe

reese said...

mas healthy shawarma yan ah, kasi chicken at yogurt ang ingredients...pahenge! hahaha

Diamond R said...

Sana lang ganyan kalalaki ang mga shawarma dito sa UAE.Kagabi isang shawarma lang ang kinain ko yon na ang dinner ko.alam mo kung magkano lang 3 dh (mga 34 Php ) 1/4 lang yata niyan.

Anciro said...

dako ka ug nganga ka pre....panghatag pud lami raba jud jamo na.

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