07 July, 2011

Butuan Bishop admits receiving SUV from PCSO

I came from a Catholic school and if I remember right we were told that anyone from the religious like the nuns and priests are taught to live a life of "SIMPLICITY" and reject luxurious gifts from anyone because they should embody or reflect the way Jesus lived HIS life. We should all remember the name of this Bishop because he is definitely unfit to hold office much more spread the teaching of God, and I doubt it he will even be removed from office, knowing how the church likes to cover up the crimes of their priests. And what a lame excuse to use revenge by the Aquino government towards GMA's allies. What you did was so shameful and unfit for someone serving God don't blame anyone for your greediness, Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos.

Vow of Catholic Priest Chastity, Obedience and poverty, Butuan Bishop Juan de Dios Pueblos, DD loss moral ground, the best thing he can do is ask for forgiveness and surrender the vehicle to government no more no less, the more he talk to defend himself, he drag the Catholic believers in this sinful act, it`s clear to him that Arroyo administration is full of controversy to resolve which is now resurfaces,`` End will justify the means`` can`t apply to this.

No doubt catholic church has failed to uplift the people's moral values for years. It's high-ranking officials have lived in a morally-decadent institution, catholic church has become too involved in politics.

I can't imagine wishing a Montero for a birthday. This is insane Bishops and all the cler--- officials should and must demonstrate a humane and modest kind of living. Lets take it, the Bishop has a Montero now, where he will get the money for gasoline expenses....sa abuloy?

This is the reason why the church should be separated from the state. It is better if the latter will follow the former but it is worst if goes the other way, like what happened here. Ever since the catholic church became active in politics to topple the Marcos regime, it became hard for them to separate from the estate. I believe that it is time for the church to separate itself from the dirty politics. All you need to do is teach us to become good citizens of our country and of course of God. We know that other than being a bishop or priest, you are also human. If you get close to evil (politics) you get closer to temptation.


Bino said...

at dahil dito, sira na naman ang pangalan ng simbahan

dadedidhodong said...

Temptation should be remembered that is not a sin but only an opportunity to do either right or wrong, to choose either virtue or evil, to serve either God or Satan. And like bishops they are no other than human like us, too. Well, I think the bishop just wanted to be honest with himself that he admitted that indeed he received a vehicle from PCSO. By this we can see the change of heart, the compassion for righteousness, I can see how God changes him because God hates the sin but love for the sinners. And you have an informative post.


Diamond R said...

Ito ang pinili nilang buhay nakakatulog pa kaya sila ng may katahimikan sa kanilang mga puso.
Nakakalungkot isipin.

reese said...

it is just clear that the Arroyo administration used the government funds to secure the support of her allies in the church; well, other presidents might have also done that...the moral ascendancy of the clergy really shattered in these revelations
and it only shows ganyan kagrabe ang corruption, political influences and favoritism sa government
sana the senate investigation will put a stop to this

Pepe said...

tsk tsk.. perhaps they have other stories we still don't know.

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