10 July, 2011

Philippines, China agree to keep peace in West Philippine Sea

We can not trust China, the true face of a wolf ready to devour its prey! We should wake up and take immediate necessary countermeasures against an ambitious aggressive communist China before it’s too late!

Trusting the Chinese? How many of those promises and even contracts that they violated? am sure they will do what is best for them ones opportunity comes even if steps on somebody's toes.

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International law were repeatedly not respected. They are not even considering humanitarian assistance to their neighbors. When Japan got Tsunami, we never heard from them. When Philippines got Ondoy and other calamities, we never heard from them. What neighbor are we talking about where most of our business man that are of china decent are sending their Philippine income to China in a form of investment?

Lucky - we have the U.S. side that stop their bullying - now they little bit behave. Thanks to the western world that assist us and believe on Democracy.

As a lesson learned, we should now be serious of putting up our own defense and to do that, let's give a sample to those who intentionally plunder our economy that are now living in a luxurious stolen wealth. Let's give some samples and put them to hard labor.

No future in this country - if we can see the repeat of the corrupt generation. We already grew up from the misleading government leaders from Marcos Era to Erap to GMA, etc. Still nobody among those crooks were put to to the satisfaction of the people being tortured or languished in Jail.

To our President Aquino:

It seems our Department Secretaries are just sleeping in their jobs, they don't have any good programs to implement to improve the lives of the Filipino people. They should be very active thinking and coming up with ideas that are simple, doable and can be achieved in matter of months. And they should be evaluated based on the plans they submitted to the President!

If all they have are daldalan lang it's time to kick their butts and look for someone that can achieve results. TIME IS RUNNING OUT... 6 YEARS LANG ANG TERM NYO.. LESS NA NGA BY THIS TIME. DO SOMETHING RADICAL. DON'T BE AFRAID AS LONG IT IS FOR THE GOOD OF THE PEOPLE.


Bino said...

wish ko pa rin na wag mauwi sa war ang issue na to.

Diamond R said...

That was intense Roy.

LhanLhan said...

tama ka roy.. wag matakot kung para rin sa ikabubuti ng bansa...

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