12 July, 2011

CBCP apologizes over PCSO scandal

What values are these bishops taking about? I don't know what vows they have taken when they were ordained, but surely they lost them all. The Church that they represents is tarnished by their stupid actions. Surely, decency is not in their system anymore. Can't they see the rampant poverty among our countrymen? And yet they have the gall to show off their luxury vehicles.

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For me its good to know that finally CBCP accept their wrongdoings and they ask for apology to the Filipino people, it would be much better if they said we will return right away the controversial luxury cars. I hope that from now on they will do what they profess to do "to preach god's law and follow exactly Christ examples and to stop meddling in the government's affair". Frankly this country would be much better without your unnecessary meddling. As for Bishop Pueblos your still nothing but a total hypocrite!

I can't believe how they want to cover their back, what a crap! We should think if we still need to share our blessings to them, they are living like a king and not like a priest as Jesus live. They say fight poverty but they are the one who take the money of the people and we still have to pay for the services of the church and one of the most expensive school in the Philippines are catholic schools. Education for all but the middle and lower class cannot afford their bills.
The term "without malice" is to save their faces from this kind of scandal bring up by their corrupt brothers in priesthood, its up to CBCP how to handle this situations but for the people whom their pastoring they are walking with a "BIG QUESTION MARK" on their faces. How can they lead us to do good things or even holy things when they themselves don't know how to do it?

For those whose OBISPO involve in the scandal, I hope you know what to do... SAVE THE PRIESTHOOD.


Bino said...

still nakakwalan ng tiwala ang simbahan dahil dyan

Will said...

For the Church to admit its wrongdoing is a rare thing to do. Vow of poverty daw. Sus.

Diamond R said...

on the spot light sila ngayon.panapanahon lang yan. Matunog lang kasi sa dinami dami bat sila pa. But the truth is this is our world. Napakadaming gumagawa ng kabalbalan kung paguukulan natin sila ng panahon sasakit lang ang iyong pangamoy sa baho ng mga ito. Kung kayat fucos na lang sa ibang nakakaginhaw ng buhay.

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