19 July, 2011

I did not go to UP, Ateneo or La Salle – so what?

There were times some people ask one question on me. Where did you go to school?

"La Salle?"
"Uhm, UP?"

I have to admit I wasn’t exactly proud of my school. I wasn’t ashamed of it, either, but my immature and insecure younger self didn’t know how to deal with people from more prestigious schools inquiring about my background. I feared they would look down on me if they found out I wasn’t their schoolmate.

Now that I’m working abroad atleast, I still get the dreaded question. And while I’m finally at peace with myself and my schools, I still prefer not to answer the question. Where I studied isn’t the only thing that defines me. I’d rather talk about other stuff: blogging, shopping, lifestyle.

I do know my worth. I know I am not any less of a person just because I didn’t graduate from an elite university. In fact, I think I’m better than a lot of people I know who came from UP, Ateneo or La Salle because, despite not having graduated from there, I think I consider myself as a successful man.

It’s true what they say. It’s not important what school you go to. What’s important is how much you learn there—and how you apply it in the real world. You can go to the most prominent and most expensive university and still end up jobless and self-destructive. You can be so poor that you don’t get to go to school, but still wind up richer and more successful than those with double degrees.

In a society that doesn’t prioritize your resumé if it doesn’t say you graduated from UP, Ateneo or La Salle, I might not be so proud of where I graduated but I’m mighty proud of myself.

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Will said...

I'm green-blooded, and I also believe that schools are not indications of a person's capability. In the end, when one already finds himself or herself in the Real World, diplomas can only prove little use as long as he or she actually WORKS HARD.

khantotantra said...

dito lang naman sa pinas big deal ang school. At mostly yan ang nagiging batayan ng work... if galing ka sa top 3 schools, malamang sa alamang ay madali ka makakakuha ng job.

Diamond R said...

Talagang may ganon. Ako I'm proud Of MY School PUP sta mesa
My choice of school kasi yon lang ang kaya ko magisa.na di kailangang umaasa sa iba or sa pamilya.

Natapos ko ito ng maayos. Other school are the same nasa estudyante lang ang pagkakaiba iba.If you have Money kahit saan naman Ok yan.

Bino said...

aminin natin na may discrimination sa pinas base sa paaralan na pinagaralan

isp101 said...

Marami akong kilalang galing sa mga prestigious schools, mga walang utak, ayun, mga walang trabaho, hehehe! Honestly, malaki talaga ang naitutulong ng galing sa private schools, of course, you are expected to be well educated and qualified. Yun ang perception kapag galing sa mga private schools. Pero hindi dapat ito maging qualification. But, the reality is, kung titignan mo ang mga job posting, puro dapat galing sa mga top universities. Yung iba naman, para lang mag pa sowsyal, you know, hehehe! Tnx for sharing, Pareng Roy! =)

Ka-Swak said...

I graduated from a very simple school in mindanao, but I am very proud to say that I BEAT THOSE WHO GRADUATED IN UP, ATENEO, OR LA SALLE WHEN I LANDED AS TOP 1 DURING THE CAREER PROFESSIONAL EXAMINATION 2001!

daemonite said...


bakit school ang tinatanong? sad to say... hindi lahat ng nanggaling sa top 3 at magaling!

meron din, kahit di kilala ang school... sa larangan ng tunay na buhay... ibang klase!


Mai Yang said...

uhm. honestly, d ko alam kung proud ako o hindi sa skul namin..d2 naman kc sa pnag.aralan ko kh8 maliit lang eh medyo mahal na ang tuiton..(private school kc), pero sa 22o lang, mas gusto ko ung dati kung skul, khit hindi private magagaling halos lahat ng prof, eh sa skul ko ngaun..Ewan! lol. tuition lang ung mahal d naman sulit :((

Mai Yang said...

+following ^_^

ayah said...

im kick-ass proud of my school - MSU IIT. :)

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