09 July, 2011

Survey: Poverty and Hunger drop

The government is trying to resolve as much they can do in order to ease and alleviate major problems being inherited from those previous government. To be exact Filipinos are hardworking and positive at all times since our culture flows higher than our pessimistic attitude.

However, how can we do our part to help the government succeed? In what manner do we cultivate ourselves to restrict, reinforce, respond, to the changes being proposed by the state?

For me, all of us had given life in order to nurturing the country you are living, the world you are breathing, and the universe your are believing. Take a step now, and wonder future will await.

See... government can do it without intervention from decadent catholic Church. Now, it's time for catholic religious leaders to take care of their flocks. It's a shame that 90% of the population in the Philippines are professing christian faith but majority of them are languishing in poverty.

Can't these religious leaders (bishops with Pajeros, priests with Isuzu DMax [a friend of mine corrected me that this is a coveted vehicle desired by priests somewhere in Misamis Oriental]) have a change of heart whereby they show genuine act of charity by giving alms to the needy and not just by posturing and make believe.

Fewer Filipino families – about 9.8 million – consider themselves "mahirap" (poor) than in the last three months, according to a new survey by pollster Social Weather Stations.

In its poll conducted June 3 to 6, the SWS noted the poverty figure was a two-percent drop to 49 percent from 51 percent (about 10.4 million families) in March.

The SWS also noted a four-point decline in terms of being food-poor, to 36 percent (7.2 million families), from 40 percent (8.1 million) in March.

But the SWS, which on Friday released the results of its June 3–6 survey on its media partner Business World, also noted the improvement has been "uneven."

It also noted poor families have tightened their belts further.


Bennix said...

Great, inspiring article. Spiritual leaders must be holy and free of stain from corruptions.How they can rebuke others that even them are not a good epitome, this is a big disgrace to what we call"Christianity in PH". Poor people are so wretch in this country!

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