13 July, 2011

Bishops elect Palma to lead CBCP


Start being a real shepherd of your flock and refrain from political inuendos. You assumed the leadership of CBCP at a time when it most beleaguered by various unsavory issues.

It's not an easy task ahead. But with God on your side, you will succeed. Just make sure you do an honest to goodness cleansing among your ranks.

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But, I'm not happy with what I have gathered facts about Palma as the new head of CBCP. He has made startling statements in Cebu even before he assumed his current position. He is very political and would stick his nose into almost anything. I think that's the reason why he was elected -- he has opinion on almost everything!

Well, I just hope your leadership would mean something to everyone, especially in cleaning up your own backyard and stop using scapegoats for your deeds, may i remind every Roman Catholic individual in this country, let us be GOD-FEARING and not BISHOP-FEARING, they are just like us, humans prone to mistakes, don't praise them, praise GOD, give GRATITUDE to GOD and not to these BISHOPS.
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I admit to comment on the priest seems a hard thing to do the reason being that they resemble Christ, for the catholic. On the other hand, it appears that they are losing that moral ascendancy little by little because of some controversial issues as a result of their actuation which obviously most of the people consider it not in the proper decorum. As for me, I could only say that there is a need for the priests to be updated on how to conduct themselves properly as they are the show window of a good believer of Christ.


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