28 March, 2011

Things Kate can't do once she marries Wills

Kate will feel the changes to her life on a higher level than many past princesses.

Here are ten things the bride-to-be will no longer be allowed to do once she walks down the Green Mile – ahem, aisle – in Westminster:

1. Be referred to as 'Kate'

When Kate Middleton joins the House of Windsor this year, her official title will become ‘Her Royal Highness the Princess William of Wales’.

2. Vote

This is in keeping with the Royal Family's public role, which is based on identifying with every section of society, including minorities and special interest groups.

3. Run for political office

For the reasons stated above, this is also a no no.

4. Escape the scrutiny

As arguably Britain's most dysfunctional family, the Monarchy provides the British public with a generous source of voyeuristic entertainment, and an opportunity for heartless slander.

5. Play Monopoly

In 2008, Prince Andrew, Duke of York, said that the Royal Family was not allowed to play Monopoly at home "because it gets too vicious". No member of the family has yet revealed what they play in its place during the Christmas holidays.

6. Say or do anything controversial

This includes accepting large amounts of money from 'businessmen' for access to your husband and getting your toes sucked in public by your financial adviser.

But it also encompasses Kate's expression of her preferred political position, social position, sexual position – basically anything within the realms of personality.

7. Eat shellfish

British Royals are apparently never served shellfish, because of a fear of food poisoning. So if Kate can't live without crustaceans, she will have to seek them out in her own time.

8. Work

It is well known that Royals and careers don't mix well.

9. Sign anything unofficial

People in this position are strictly not supposed to sign anything that could lead to their signature being copied and forged.

10 Finish her dinner

If she is a slower eater than her grandmother-in-law, Kate could go hungry. In Britain, when the Queen stops eating, you stop as well, fork in hand.


Anciro said...

naaliw ako .....

Diamond R said...

yon ang tunay na buhay ng isang prinsisa

cLai ♥ said...

buti na lang hindi ako prinsesa....
ang saklap naman ng #7 and #10

marikoy said...

Kawawa naman siya. Too much responsibilities, too much to think of... I'll bet hindi rin siya pwedeng mag facebook, kumain ng dirty ice cream (ang sarap kaya nun!), mag artista, lumipat ng religion, mag shopping sa wet market, at sumakay ng bus. How much she'll miss!

Hi I'm ROY said...

Hahaha, i won't stop eating if i am still hungry especially TAHONG hahaha

Bon said...

haha salamat sa mga info! bago sakin ang karamihan dyan! lalo na ang pinakahuli, if the queen stops eating, you stop as well. taragis! ganun katindi?! haha

LhanLhan said...

what? ganito ba sa BRITAIN? pag naapos na ang queen tapos na ang lahat? waaahh!! kagutom!

Jhiegzh said...

Anyways, I think aware naman cguro cya about these before naging sila ni Prince William. Pero yan tlga ang buhay ano, maraming limits!

ABoyNamedXander said...

hmmm.. well ganun talaga.. with great power comes great responsibility..lol.. parang walang connection naman tong pinagsasabi ko.. hahahaa

Helen Mary Labao said...

wow. being a princess is not that easy after all. lol. but i don't mind the slow eating since it will preserve her figure. but seriously, no monopoly games? hahaha.

Bino said...

that's the price of being in a royal family

Bino said...

sabi nga ng pinsan ko na galing UK , totoo daw yan. so parang walang freedom

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