20 June, 2011

Anglican Church to allow gay bishops

The Anglican Church is set to approve controversial guidelines allowing openly homosexual clergy to become bishops. The Church will seek to move in line with the Equality Act by updating its rules to permit celibate homosexual men to be promoted.

I find this very distressing! Why is the church trying to integrate itself into the world?! The church is meant to be God's voice here on earth! How an earth can any minister work for a 'Christian' Organisation who openly support anything that is not entirely Holy!

I am deeply saddened when I read about this in the local news. The church never gets any good press anymore! What happened to caring for the poor and looking after the needy people in our communities. That is what God calls us to do. "Love Thy Neighbour". However before this, "Love Thy God, as the one and Only". How can we claim to love Him if we are actively living in sin?

To promote openly homosexual clergy to bishops (even if they are celibate) is totally wrong as it send out the wrong message, particularly to youngsters, that being a homosexual is OK. It is not OK.

If the Church of England chooses to put the law of the land above the law of the Word of God then it has lost its way and can not be relied upon for good spiritual leadership.

What happened to Bible standards. When the blind lead the blind both will fall into the pit. They are disgusting in the way they lead people.


Karlie Bradshaw said...

I respect you're opinion bro but I ask a little bit of tolerance. Homosexuals are humans too. We don't have an idea of the daily plights they have to put up just 'coz they turned out "differently." And it's not as if it's their choice. Believe me bro, if sexuality is just a choice, most of them would rather be "straight." But they're born that way. They're no different than you and I, as far as discerning good from evil is concerned. And every human deserves spirituality... more so to engage in any spiritual endeavor if they will.

Vin said...

sa akin ayos lang. IMO hindi kasalanan pagiging Beki. Hindi naman nila ginusto yon. Mas makasalanan ang mangutya at husgahan ang ating kapwa. Pero kung kalandian at kaharutan lang ang gagawin nila katayin .haha

sir roy panalo pala ako.hehe. Salamat. Sorry super busy kasi ako nag rereview kasi ako kaya dalaw dalaw lang ako sa blogosphere. Pano claim yung premyo? :D

Diamond R said...

Malaking usapin ito.

Make love not war na lang tulad ng famous kiss sa gitna ng riot sa Vancouver.


Anonymous said...

but doesn't God want equality amongst his children? no prejudice? im ok with this. as long as these gay bishops wont taint God's name... even the roman catholic system accepted the fact that gay priests exist among their flock.....and i think God would be furious if we hold judgment against people we dont know right? :)

Hi I'm ROY said...

Thanks for your precious comments, i do respect them as a human being i just want to emphasize make the church become holy.

Anonymous said...

another thought... isn't holiness relative? i mean, holiness by definition is perfection right? having a divine quality? so isn't it relative? take for example the ecleo's of dinagat island...their minions (for the lack of better words) think they're holy...but for most of us or at least me, i think ruben ecleo is a criminal... so i think it all boils down to however you define things. dont get me wrong, i totally respect your opinion too. im just trying to get you to change sides HAHAHAHA :)

reese said...

This is a progressive move! It just denote that Anglican is an undiscriminating church; maybe Anglican promotes the concept of equality among their ranks. Homosexuality is not a sin.

Gone to the John said...

Just got curious.. the Frican-Amreicans in the US decided to put up what they call the Black Church as they feel that they do not belong to the mainstream Church during those times... Is there such a thing as a Gay church already also?

Karlie Bradshaw said...

Hi again! @Gone to the John - there is, MCC or Metropolitan Community Church. MCC sees its mission being social as well as spiritual by standing up for the rights of minorities, particularly those of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people (LGBT). (see more on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metropolitan_Community_Church). I'm not a member though. hehe I just saw it from "Prayers for Bobby" movie. It's a very insightful tv-movie showcasing real agonies/plights (which led to a tragic demise) of a gay teenager raised in a tight Christian upbringing.

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