30 June, 2011

Saudi bans domestic workers from Philippines

Saudi Arabia announced Wednesday it would stop granting work permits to domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines, following hiring conditions imposed by the Asian countries.

The ministry of labour said it would "stop issuing work visas to bring domestic workers from Indonesia and the Philippines, effective from Saturday" due to "the terms of recruitment announced by the two countries," according to a statement carried by state news agency SPA.

This is good provided our government can create jobs for these displaced OFW's or OWWA to assist them on any livelihood projects otherwise this can have a big impact to unemployment rate to our country.

Our government finally had the guts to stand up for the rights of our laborers! This also sends a message to our OFWs or those aspiring to work abroad... if they want to work abroad, I hope not just a Domestic Helper to apply for work. Let's study and train hard, so that when working abroad skilled professionals should be or better yet, managerial or executive positiions! Aim higher Pinoys! We are competent and good enough. It's not impossible!

Let us say "No more to poor labour laws". Let us say "No more to financial, physical, & sexual abuses". Let us say "No more to poor working conditions". Let us say "No more to poor monthly wages and benefits". And, most of all, let us say "No more to racial discrimination toward the Filipino workers".

This is great news, although we will lose income through remittances, but we will save lives... Philippines must concentrate on reducing population and increasing education rather than the present idea of having a lowly paid workforce in order to compete with other lowly paid workers.


Anciro said...


reese said...

keeping my fingers crossed...

avatarlady said...

Dapat lang kasi yang Saudi na yan... naging notorious na yan when it comes to abusing rights of our OFW esp. the women.

Arvin U. de la Peña said...

mas prayoridad na ng gobyernong saudi na ang papagtrabahuin ay kababayan nila sa dapat sana trabahuin ng DH..

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