19 June, 2011

Marcos is not worth to be called a hero

House Resolution 1297, saying "Marcos does not deserve a hero’s burial" after he committed “gross crimes against humanity, plunged the nation deeper into debt and foreign control and plundered the nation’s resources" during his 20-year term.

Well, for me, no matter how good a President Marcos was, I wouldn't wish to still have him or someone like him to govern the nation by Autocratic way... No question to those projects he laid down during his time which were realized today, but I wouldn't wish to live in fear, to live in a country where freedom is not respected, and just a single criticism against the government will cause you to disappear into oblivion. How can we be certain that this country will flourish if Marcos is still the President today, or if our country is still under Martial Law? How can we assure that Filipinos will live in a better place if our country is still under Military regime, if the government officials have the absolute power to do what they wish without being questioned or checked? What is the assurance that there will be zero corruption if the country is under military regime... Just look at Myanmar, a country which was under military regime for many years, how's Myanmar's economy today?

The bottom line is, I'm happy with the democracy that everyone enjoys today, we may not have a perfect government, our standard of living maybe incomparable to other progressive nation, but at least we enjoy freedom... If ever Marcos is still alive and still the incumbent President, can we enjoy the benefit of writing comments or criticisms against the government? Can we enjoy freely having facebook or any other accounts on different social networking sites?

Mr. Marcos doesn't belong to the Libingan ng Mga Bayani, even with his brilliant mind during his best days, it's not enough to cover up the atrocities that his minions committed, with his knowledge, during those Martial Law periods. Besides he was just a scrap and junk collector during WW II and not a hero that they used to tell.

Former President Ferdinand Marcos is not worth to be called a Hero, nor deserved to be buried in Libingan ng mga Bayani. Mass killing done by military abuses, media killings, massacre, military rules, deprivation of rights. How dare to call him a hero? A nation was buried of debts, killing during election, bombings, etc. Tyranny and authocratic form of government... Not even a military honor.


reese said...

Yes, Marcos is no hero for me. Although I wasn’t born yet at that time I knew it was the darkest chapter of our country’s history.
I was so outraged of some politicians who wanted to give him a hero’s burial. A despised tyrant and ousted by the Filipino people in 1986 a hero all of a sudden!

Anonymous said...

para sa akin,hindi naman talaga sya hero,kahit anong mangyari,nabasa ko na lahat ang nangyari nung nakalipas,at hindi ako sangayon sa brutalan niyang pinagagawa...bad...

magandang umaga sir at maligayang kaarawan ng mga ama sa tatay mo at sa iyo na din sir!:)

gndang araw!

Akoni said...

Isang matapang na akda 'to. Kung pagbabatayan ang mga nakasulat sa libro at mga kwento sa atin ng mga nakakatanda, talagang kasusuklaman mo si Marcos. Hanggang ngayon ay may trauma pa ang mga matatanda sa amin sa mga sundalo....dahil don sa martial law niya. Natatakot ang mga matatanda sa amin kapag nakakakita ng sundalo, parang nakakakita ng mga demonyo...Isang patunay na mahirap ang pinagdaanan nila nung panahon ni marcos.

dadedidhodong said...

A lot of story I've heard about this but we should always remember that radio, TV, and newspaper can easily fool us. Now I believe that they only pick what they want so as to dictate our opinion.

Please don't get me wrong. It's what I have say.

isp101 said...

I was still a very small kid when Martial law ended, so I had no idea about this, until the time I grew up. My mom said that It was a horrible situation when Martial did start. But, going back to the topic, for me, a CRIMINAL can never be a HERO...

tim said...

After those morbid years he spent splurging so much money, corruption and the Marshall law- Indeed, he never deserved to be called a HERO.

We already have forgotten the ill-effect of his reigned. We should never dare to reminisce the cruelty that he had. Forgetting is the best. no instillment..

Diamond R said...

Paano mo sasabihin na hero ang isang tao kung kinasusuklaman ng maraming tao dahil sa ginawa niya.

kung magkaamnesia ang lahat malamang.

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