29 June, 2011

Filipino player in Wimbledon

This is probably the most irrelevant post I have done but hell I’m going to write it anyway.

You know I'm not fun tennis. I can’t really see the point in hitting a ball back and forwards across the net but here lies the dilemma.

I know tennis can be a bit tense and exciting at times. Like most sports. But I just can't get into it. All the serve, volley, matchpoint stuff leaves me cold.

Im not a fan of Wimbledon. It's a British sports tournament but no one British ever wins Wimbledon. Well I'm sure they did once, but I don't remember a British tennis player winning it.

When it is on TV I am hooked on it. What’s all that about?

Writing this after just finishing watching Jeson Patrombon progress through  the first round of the Wimbledon 2011. I must say I really enjoyed the game.

Funny enough I get the same feeling for Football, Basketball and Cricket but when it is on TV I can’t help watching it.  Perhaps I’m leading my life with a spilt personality. Who knows?

Well at least I will enjoy the next couple of weeks of tennis.

Who is this Jeson Patrombon? 
Jeson Patrombon is a Filipino tennis player from Iligan, Philippines. Born on March 27, 1993, Patrombon started playing tennis at the age of 7 and often served as a ball boy in his hometown’s local tennis clubs in Iligan City before he was spotted by coach Manny Tecson, who saw his potential. Soon after being spotted, then-17-year old was sent to Manila to train at the tennis academy of the Philippines. By September of 2010, he was chosen to represent the country at the first Youth Olympics.

Now the 18-year-old Filipino, who used to serve as a ballboy at his local club for some pocket money, is representing the Philippines in Wimbledon in London,  thanks largely to his coach Emmanuel Tecson.

His coach says, “When I first saw him, he was hitting balls with a bottle. I saw him and thought if this kid can hit a ball with a bottle without any shoes on, I thought let’s give him a racket,”

Soon after being spotted, Patrombon moved to the tennis academy of the Philippines foundation in the capital of Manila, starting a new page of both his sports career and life.

“When I coach players, I ask them why they want to play and they often say to be a champion and that sort of thing. But when I asked Jeson why he wanted to play, he said, ‘to help my family’, so I gave him a chance.” coach Emmanuel Tecson said.

“I started playing tennis because one of my brothers played and now I am here representing my country. It is really a great experience,” Patrombon said.


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Galing naman ng batang ito . Sana nga maging ala Pacman siya.

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