21 June, 2011

Spratly Island already invade by Chinese

Spratly Islands belongs to the Philippines. Is it so hard for the Chinese government to understand that? Is their land area not enough for their population? They are trying hard to get the Islands of Spratly because of its rich resources. They have drastically exploited theirs, and because of their greediness, nothing is left for them and now they are stupid enough to imagine that we are frightened of their tactics. The Chinese government has to get a life!

Being one of the oldest civilizations, the possibility those islands had been visited by Chinese merchants, fishermen, and explorers is true. But the proximity of these from China will not make them such important areas that merit attention during that period since none of these areas suspected to have black gold potential. To claim these islands as theirs especially the Spratly is a plain bullying a weaker country. The biggest island in this group of islands was occupied by Filipinos for a long time now - way before the issue of potential oil reserve came into the picture.

They only tried putting Chinese soldiers and infrastructure in these areas lately after the place were known to have big gas and oil reserve. As most are saying, naming the sea as South China Sea does not mean the China owns it. The Indian Ocean does not belong to or is never claimed by India as theirs. If this place really belongs to them, the biggest island or all of those islands could have been occupied by the overpopulated Chinese. Why then the first occupants of the biggest island were Filipinos? China should be ashamed by this action of squatting and bullying.....
All of us.... We have a good comment about what to do and how to do it and take action for the SPRATLY ISLAND. How about the decision of Philippine Government? As of now our Government no such action? We are all very tired to wait, as we can see in Spratly Island they already or they almost finishing their infrastructure to get the oil deposit. Do we have a power to inform our PRESIDENT to take action now? What we are going to do? Maybe tomorrow or one day SPRATLY ISLAND ALREADY INVADE BY CHINESE.

And for the militantes, the ones claiming Bayan Muna and other activists groups, I know why you are all silent about these, its because you are also communist like your mother china. You are all fronts of the communist you are not really makabayan, you are just GREEDY, as bullist, as your mother china. You are as disgusting.


Bino said...

mahirap magkomento sa ganitong issue. ganunpaman, pagpalagay natin na sa atin ang spratlys. magagawa ba natin itong ipagtanggol? kung sugurin tayo ng china? takbo na lang tayo? tutulong daw ang amerika. eh kahit sila hirap ngayon. tsk. ang hirap ng sitwasyon

Diamond R said...

sa totoo lang nakakalungkot at nakakarimarim ang away na ito dahil hindi isang sakong bigas ang pinagaawayan kundi island. Hay guys ngayon lang ba lumitawa spratly Island para pag usupan kung sino ang mayari nito.

Nakakahiya ito sa sa inang kalikasan at sa buong mundo.
marami naman kayong pera bakit di niyo na lang gayahin ang UAE na gumawa ng sarili nilang ISLand"the world " pa.

or baka naman talagang may gusto lang kayo doon at yong lang ang habol niyo.

M.M.M. said...

I think you're not from the Philippines but thank you for siding with the truth. :)

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