22 June, 2011

Aquino satisfaction ratings goes down

Why? What happened?

It's all because YOU voted him only out of sympathy because he is an Aquino?

Only he's the son of Tita Cory and Ninoy that he can continue his parents' legacy and raise the standards of the Filipinos?

Next election let's us vote for Carlo Aquino, Angel Aquino, Kris Aquino and all Aquinos around and at the end YOU will say Aqui NONONONO..!

He doesn't know what he's going to do... That's a reality, he's the only Senator before, who, like LITO LAPID!!!! has no idea on what to do. HE DIDN'T EXIST WHEN HE WAS SENATOR, who had no achievement... No law enacted.. Who SLEEPS at HEARINGS!!!

It's very hard for Pnoy to sustain his rating after the euphoria of his election. His being a media creation is hard to sustain. People will be looking for results. It's easy to say "Pag walang kurap , walang mahirap" but attaining it is much more difficult. Corruption is becoming to be a culture of the Pinoys, it's from top to the bottom level.

Noynoy did not performed well because he was not prudent enough to accept the offer of his party to run as president without minding whether or not he can face the problem of our government. True that our president is not competent enough to perform his duty as a president citing his performance for the first year in the office. But what we need now is a cooperation and true patriotism and instead of pulling our president down. We have no choice president is already there we will wait until 2016.

Next time (2016) what we need now is a good party system to sort out candidates before they will be admitted to the party. I remember on the year 2004 the administration kick one brilliant Congressman that plays vital role in Estrada impeachment in exchange with Lito Lapid. Sad but true Lito Lapid, Ramon Bong Revilla, Manny Pacquiao, Erap and the like are one of the biggest comedy in the history of politics in the whole world. We don't need entertainers when talking about governance, this is not a movie dude!


reese said...

This new survey just show the brunt of Filipino people’s discontent over his anti-people policies. His administration is turning one year pero wala pang nangyayari sa kanyang mga ipinangako, aka “matuwid na daan”. This is the end result of his playing-deaf to the people’s clamor for economic and social changes.
Thanks for adding my blog in your list.

Hi I'm ROY said...

Thanks for your brilliant comment.

musingan said...

I am in between of like and dislike about him.. I didn't vote for him... because I have no chance.. I was in Manila that time and I am registered in Tawi-Tawi.. but anyway... when Cory died I said to my self that Noynoy would surely run for president.. well... lets just hope that he can do something for our country.... anyway... he still has 5 years to go...

Jhiegzh said...

All of us are entitled with our own opinions. In my own point of view, I am satisfied of Noynoy's performance, maybe not to the extent. I will just give him 7/10. It's been a year pa everyone, 5 years pa to judge his performance as a President.

On the other hand, I do understand the past administration left a lot of problems sa'tin, thats why the recent administration is now taking their action aming for a matuwid na daan.

Anyways, I agree with this statement "what we need now is cooperation and true patriotism, instead of pulling our president down."

Diamond R said...

gusto ko si Nonoy.Napagod na kasi ako sa magagaling na mambabatas.Ang kailangan natin ay isang pinunung may takot sa diyos at di magnanakaw.

Alam naman natin na di pweding baguhin ang kalagayang ng ating bansa sa 10 taong panununkulan.Sa lalim ng sugat na tinamo nito sa mga walang pusong namahala dito.

Naniniwala ako na maraming magagaling na liderato sa ating bansa na nasa katungkulan pa rin kung nais nilang tulungan si Pangulong Aquino welcome sila.

supurtahan natin ang ating pangulo darating ang tamang panahon na ang sugat na tinamo nito ay unti-unting hihilom.

E•M•O•T•E•R•A said...

Okay lang yan, nag uumpisa pa lang sya. Hindi naman yan instant noodles na madaling lutuin. Maraming inaasikaso. At sa tingin ko, bumaba ang rating nya dahil ginagawa nya ang tama! :) Marami tuloy nasa publiko na mga katiwalian diba? :)

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