23 June, 2011

Implementation of Saudization program

Overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) in Saudi Arabia expressed anxiety over the upcoming implementation of the “Saudization” program, under which foreign workers who have worked there for six years or more will no longer be issued working permits.

All Saudi firms are urged to comply with the Nitaqat system by September 10 as part of its efforts to prioritize hiring of Saudi nationals and to reduce unemployment in the country.

Workers who already work for over 6 yrs can still work/transfer to a company that is on the green and excellent category. All they have to do is to verify their present company for what color their company categorized so they can transfer to green company... Workers on the red category would not be renewed their iqama wether they had already work less than 6 years. On the yellow category, their iqama would be renewed up to 6 yrs only. Workers must be aware of what color his company is.
I think one statement summarizes the thinking of our government with regards to foreign workers, the report said "Labor Secretary Rosalinda Baldoz said that Saudization is “not a problem” since OFW's could go to other markets abroad such as UAE, Dubai and other countries."

What kind of Labor Secretary do we have here now? She is not trying to find a solution for the incoming problem she is assuming that OFW can find jobs elsewhere, this is the type of intelligent people we pay our taxes for? I know a lot of people not so well educated maybe but will try to find a solution and not just shrug it off Ms. Secretary, families are about to go income less, this means no food in the table, no tuition fee for schooling and accumulation of debts.

This is a serious matter and should not be answered with "not a problem" are you out of your mind? This is why our country never can progress, people like you who only think of their own. You are stupid on this context, Act up!


isp101 said...

My late dad used to work in Saudi, he spent 20yrs there, when they were struck by recession, after the Sept. 11, 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attack. Saudization program was already implemented a long time ago. Before he left the company, he said that he was replaced by someone who just graduated college, and do not really know anything about the job, nor how to operate a computer. But, this is really a serious matter. The government should act now, before it's too late. Tnx for sharing, Roy! =)

Hi I'm ROY said...

Thank you also for sharing experience... truly this should be a serious matter.

Diamond R said...

nakakalungkot naman ito sa mga ordinaryong mangagawa lang na malaki ang naging puhunan para makapagtrabaho lang sa ibang bansa ang anim na tao ay di sapat para makapag ipon at makapagumpisa ng maayos ang kaniyang pamilya.

sayang naman ang pagkakataong ito kung di ito magagawan ng paraan. maayos naman ang ang mangagawang filipino alaM Ko gusto sila ng mga Taga Saudi.

Akoni said...

Isa akong OFW dito sa saudi, ngayon may mga natatanggal na sa amin dito...try nilang sabihin in our faces na hindi to problema...got to tweet this..great stuff roy.

reese said...

This Saudization policy will really hit our OFWs working in Saudi Arabia.
In the next years, other countries might do the same because of the financial economic crisis… it only means a constricted labor market for our OFW.
It’s high time that our government must reconsider its labor export program and at the same time generate jobs in our country.

Keatondrunk said...

bkit kaya naghigpit na ang saudi arabia, sana may maisip na solusyon para jan..

tim said...

That's the sad news now. Saudi is one of the best working hub to date. Sayang naman kung magkakaganyan na.

sHeRrY said...

was here! no tagboard?

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