21 January, 2011

Am I Going to be Rich?

Since child, I’ve always heard the word Abroad. It seems to be a nicest place for me then that someday I could also work abroad because all our neighbors who’ve been there brings a lot of money when they come back in our village.

Going abroad for work is said to be making your life more progressive compare to work in our place, many work in Japan, America, Middle East and some other countries they are very happy to their life and many people migrate in that place.

Now, I was giving a chance to be here in abroad and know the life that could bring answer to all my questions, it reminds me to a place I wanted to visit and to live for that someday I could grab a piece of opportunity to become rich. I can’t imagine how my life's become now adays.

In my situation, I have found the answer to my ambition in life “Am I going to be rich?” That depends on you, if you work hard and save your money, invest it in the right things then you will find yourself there, and don't forget those who told you that you would.


LovEmoNEy said...

every time I breath... I just want to a billionaire.. kuikuikui

Axl Powerhouse Production Inc, said...

wahhaha attract it always.. so u will be rich.. symepre samahan ng action!!

avatarlady said...

So you're now in where? Amazing and lucky for you that you got to spread your wings along with more experiences. I envy you.

edward said...

Hello nice article I believed in hard work, smart work and God's permission.

I am working abroad for a long time but I am not a millionaire. I think there is something wrong and I found out that if you don't go into business you will not become rich.

Christian said...

Just Work hard buddy! When I'm graduated, my plan is just to work here since my heart is not brave enough to be in abroad. Be proud to be a Filipino!

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