26 May, 2012

CJ Corona bares $2.4 million dollar account

Chief Justice Corona claimed that he has at least $2.4 million in his four dollar accounts and claimed that he earned his deposits since his family invested in foreign exchange.
We may have our own opinion but the decision is in the hands of the senators, a judgment which may be political or probably so. I can only hope the senate will judge in favor of the Republic of the Philippines. Us Filipino people who have entrusted the country and our future to these elected officials. I hope their judgment will turn this country around and uphold the common good of the Filipino people through moral descendancy and push our nation forward.

We have to change the system of our country. Our problem is not Corona, almost entirely of them are guilty of this crime, from barangay to national level, almost everybody wants to cut their taxes and all that, and if we are going to impeach each and everyone, and get rid of the garbages, it will take 1,000 years before the country will be free from this dirt.

I truly believe these politicians are keeping a great deal of skeletons in their closets. They are, in the strongest term, leech! I'm a private individual living modestly to what my honest earning is. Consequently, I detest corruption!

If the CJ had done these accusations, he should be persecuted!


Anonymous said...

Ganoon ata talaga pag nahuhuli at nabibisto na. Kanya kanyang palusot at justification ang ginagawa ng mga naka upo sa pusisyon o Gobyerno. Nararapat lamang na ang ganitong klaseng tao tulad ni CJ Corona ay hatulan ng GUILTY. Dahil kung hindi pamamarisan lang ng ibang pulitiko ang ginawa nya.

Ilang beses syang tinanong ni Sen. Kiko Pangilinan na kung clear ang conscience nya at wala syang itinatago bakit hindi nya i-deneclare sa SALN nya ang $2.4 million dollar account nya? Again CJ Coronoa twisted his answer.

David Pascht said...

nice blog!!

Dave Pascht said...

now he's guilty..he cant do anything

Semidoppel said...

20-3, Guilty as charged

MEcoy said...

does dollar account caused him to be convicted that what he deserved

witty humor said...

And the senators have made their decision. My only regret is that the impeachment proceedings weren't conducted in the most honorable and legally sound manner.

CNA Training Online said...

He was accused of something that every senators are guilty of. So sad. Everyone should undergo the same thing.


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