02 January, 2011

New year, new life!

I couldn't imagine that the year 2010 has ended. I had lots of stuff that I could always remember it seems very lucky for me that year, I mean most lucky.

I enjoy my life serving my family at home being as head in my own little way. I got a job in my hometown and love doing it. Lots of friends anywhere in my place including my facebook and went to other cities and stayed in Manila while processing my visa application at the British Embassy.

Most of all I was granted a visa and now living in England today. I did not wish and dream to come here since child, as I can remember my ambition before is to become a good teacher but I took Accountancy.

My life is unpredictable and full of surprising, it's not really my plan to work abroad as I just want to have a simple life with my family. I always work hard not to become a rich man, to earn for a living is just for me and help my family for our daily needs. But 'til now still don't have a savings.

This year is another chapter of my life, I want to start it with more hardwork and keep a savings for my future. As I step this year, I am hoping for all the graces which will be given, and a happy health and lifestyle.

I am excited for this year, what would be my life? Well, I am pretty sure that I am happy and I am so very grateful.


Anonymous said...

My life is very unpredictable, too Kuya.. But predictable, as well. Yeah, I know I'm not making any sense. Hehe.. Don't mind me na lang, Kuya. Tinopak lang nang slight. =P

When I was a kid, I had dreams of becoming this and working as that and living there, etc.. Life took some unexpected turns. Very unpredictable. 2010 was a good year for me, very predictable.. I hope that 2011 would be great. =)

Good luck po sa inyo. Happy New Year! =)

Diamond R said...

let me see if i could shoot a comment.

Diamond R said...

yeheey, pumasok na at last.Lahat ng pinaghihirapan makuha ay may katapat na maganda. alam kong di madali at di basta basta ang binitiwan mong oras,pera,emosyon sa bagay na ito kaya nakuha mo ang gusto mo. YOU deserved it.

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