16 April, 2011

The Westminster Palace and the Big Ben

This is the continuation on my post when I finally got to see Westminster Abbey in London the venue of the Royal Wedding.

After not having seen inside the venue I decided to go across the road going to Westminter Bridge to see the London Eye, it's my third time of walking in this bridge. From here I took some photos of the Palace and the Big Ben as what is people doing here, it's a lovely place and most romantic for partners but I ain't got any.

The Houses of Parliament, or Westminster Palace, is where the two London Houses of Parliament (House of Lords and House of Commons) meet. Westminster Palace is located on the north bank of the River Thames in Westminster, near other government buildings in Whitehall. The Palace is one of the largest parliaments in the world, with its buildings containing some 1,200 rooms, 100 staircases and over 3km of corridors.

My next post would feature the London Eye, it would be a day or two 'coz I am a little bit tired working 12-hours night shift today. Catch you later!


Santo Santino said...

someday ill be there. :)

Bino said...

i can't remember the old building sa UK na high tech ang loob.

Diamond R said...

Like Santo santino echo lang ito ng sinabi niya.see there mr Roy.

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