03 April, 2011

My choice of food

It’s been a while since I updated this blog – 4 weeks to be precise. That’s 4 weeks of what so far has been 3 months of working 44 hours a week, travelling 4 hours every 2 days a week going to London and sleeping 5 hours a day 'coz I'm working night shift.

For a large part of this first quarter of a year my one hour’s escape from the daily grind of commuting and working has been all too infrequent.

Hourly adventures around the City Center in Sheffield have become a few minutes’ dash to my favorite chicken sandwich shops and takeaways. And there are many – within 10 minutes’ walk from where I work, you could easily go somewhere different for lunch every day for a year.

It’s very tempting and very convenient – I think I’ve made myself one sandwich in the last 3 weeks. From Greggs to Pret, McDonald’s to Pizza Hut, Subway to small Italian cafes – I’ve had my fair share of lunch time junk food.

From that list you’ll see that my choice of food is not very adventurous – so far I haven’t been tempted by Japanese food which seems to be very popular to me at the moment.


Nimmy said...

food trip na! :)

Diamond R said...

miss your update bro.Kaingit naman ang mga trip mo as in London lang naman.Kaylang kaya?

halojin said...

sarap naman niyan kuya roy! hehe yan nga ang food trip na tintwag.. hehe parang food blogger na astig! :)

Ka-Swak said...

kulang na kulang ka sa tulog akie.... di ko kaya ung ganyang routine mo.

Keatondrunk said...

i love burgers, bawi ka sa ssunod bro..

Bino said...

try mo mga japanese food. masarap na, healthy pa

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