19 May, 2011

Things I've Learned after 3 years of Blogging

This is my second personal blog Abdul Hakeem. A little bit about life, career, and just about anything else involved with my recent move to the United Kingdom and how it all translate to me.

When I decided to start a blog back in 2008, for those who can remember my very first personal blog Field of Dreams, I had no idea what I was getting into. I didn’t know much about blogging for one thing. My intention was to include updates on what was going on in my life, talk about my recent travels, my latest adventures and whatever else was going on at the time. I've learned a few things since then.

Some people might be interested in what you have to say – This was the most surprising realization for me. I knew my friends and family would be interested, but, I remember my first comment from someone I didn’t know. I remember that the dots started connecting in my head and I began to realize the potential of blogging.

There are a lot of INSPIRING PEOPLE out there – Since starting my own blog, I have also been reading many other blogs and finding some amazing inspiration as a result. Everyday day there are new articles written, and whatever inspiration you need, you can find it. Inspiration on career, health, technology, travel, art, lifestyle, there really is so much content out there. If you are struggling in any area of your life, a great place to start your search for answers can be blogs.

There is a lot of SHIT out there – There are so many blogs out there that claim to have the best advice, the perfect list to happiness, to a perfect career, relationship, travel itinerary, whatever. It gets overwhelming. Do not take these articles too seriously, many people are doing this as a hobby… like myself.

I love to connect and keep a conversation going  I’m going to continue to enjoy blogging, reflecting, keeping my friends and family informed. I’m going to try to blog once a week or more, but I’m not conforming to any schedule. I’m going to blog when I can. I’m going to blog about what I want. I’m going to blog when I think I have a good idea for a post. Don’t worry, this does not mean I will not take your suggestions and comments to heart. I’m not going to ignore anyone. I really want to know what people have to say, and what they want to hear more of.

It’s Fun – There is a revelation. I’m really having fun blogging. I was really self conscious about it at first. Blogging is all about putting yourself out there, and it can be scary. Even now, I share my blog posts on facebook or tweet them (almost everyday). As you begin to put yourself out there more, it gets easier, and becomes fun. You also meet really great people, just look at my Followers/Top Readers (you know who you are). Although not many, that just further shows what kind of people they are. They have been super supportive from the beginning, just start looking back at past posts to see how nice these people are, and how they are always offering their comments and support. They are super talented people (You guys have no idea how much I appreciate your comments, thank you!). Special mention to my Top Commentors who won my Free .com Domain namely Bino of Damuhan and Rommel of One Acre of Diamond.

So thats my recap after the 3 years. I hope you enjoyed reading along. I would love to hear from you. What you have learned since you started blogging? Did you agree with a lot of my realizations? Lets hear it…


iamim said...

Im kinda feeling awkward too when I first started this whole blogging thing just last Feb and I actually find it now very comforting, usually when I am very bored and just to burst I hit my blog.

Bino said...

COOL! 3 years na ang blog ko na damuhan pero i've been blogging for 5 years na. I agree sa mga sinabi mo.

masaya ang blogging. :)

Diamond R said...

WOW Existing pa ba yong "Field of Dreams" mo na blog.Na imagine ko yong UK job mo ay part of this dream.Ngayon may bago ka ng blog realization of one of those once a dream pero buhay mo na ngayon.

same to you dami ko ring nakilalang mga awesome people sa blog.
and this is the importance of blogging para sa akin.


Im still starting to grow my blog and at the process, I enjoyed it a lot. It truly is inspiring to know that someone cares for your posts and that somehow they are connected to it. ;)


Anonymous said...

mag totwo years pa ako.. pero sana ganito na kadami adsence ko sa susunod.. hehehe

Anonymous said...

yup. I enjoyed reading. 3mos blogging din. Sarap magbasa ng mga pinoy blogposts lalo na pagkagaling sa work, pamparelax ko ba. Andaming nakkainspire na posts. nuong una kong basahin ang blog ng friend ko para akong uhaw na uhaw read lng ng read!

alohagems said...

every day is an experience, wait for more years and it just gets better and better.

Akoni said...

I am a new blogger, so i dont know much about blogging at Hindi ko pa alam reasons ko bakit ako nagba-blog. hehe...salam!

New follower,

Anonymous said...

I started blogging 2010, I had blogspot then. Tapos un, tinamad ako. But I renewed my dedication last December sa wordpress. Well I hope mag tuloy tuloy na. I agree with the things that you said. There are indeed inspiring people out there. Nice post. :)

lee said...

it is a motivating post, I want to write more… hahaha

wow, you are blogging for 3 years…congrats!

my experience in blogging started last summer of 2010, I’ve got tired of FB games and chatting so i decided that summer to earn money from the net – i tried paid to click (PTC) sites and other GPTs but its so tough pala to earn a few dollars, and i was scammed many times hahaha

after a few months i read some earn money blogs and it motivated me to have a blog of my own, basically sharing how I earn and how much I earned, just a few cents…happy na ako

then march of this year my blog was locked by google, hay nakakahinayang…my almost one year blog nawala na lang bigla; anyways that year of blogging with the objective to earn money was fruitful naman, i’ve learned blogging at kahit paano kumita rin and that experience give me confidence to create a new blog – life and struggles; this time i want to share my views on politics, i want to share to my readers the life of the majority of Filipino people – the workers, peasants, urban poor and the Filipino’s struggles to change our lives; and in the process i want to share also who i am…i am an activist, kakagraduate ko lang sa college and i am utilizing my course to help children experiencing trauma and other psycho-social difficulties

tama ka, its fun to blog, marami akong nakikilala online, marami na akong natutunan - like the difficult html, coding, etc hahaha

kaya lang ang remark ko, its a hobby ng may may kaya sa buhay kasi dapat may computer ka at internet; nakaka-alienate sa mga mahihirap; anyways swerte lang siguro ako that got into this hobby

fulfilling din ang blogging…i’m so happy if someone reads my post and leaves comment

my new blog is going to be two months old, sana maka-three years din tulad mo…again congrats!

musingan said...

I can't say a thing... hindi pa kasi ako umaabot ng three years eh.. ehehehhe

MOKS™ said...

Pare salamat at naging follower kita. Folliwed you na rin. Ako malapit na mag apat na taon ang moksworx. Masaya at makulay ang blogging nagkakaron ka ng bagong kaibigan.

LhanLhan said...

nung una gusto kong kumita. pero i discover the worth of it habang tumatagal.. blogging is like yourself. express it as you want. ako ang owner eh ^^

glentot said...

I agree with you some blogs are really inspiring while some don't help at all. Kaya dapat mag-ingat sa pagbloghop.

Blobber-Boy said...

hi sir, my blog is almost 2 years but during that 2 years i have stopped from blogging for a period of 10 months, and now I promise to be active in blogging again, and hope to gaining more blogger friends, thanks for sharing this post

Bennix said...

Great sir Roy. For 3 years in blogging I could say that you're one of our veterans ,congrats.lol...

Tama ka ang dami kong nakikilalang mga sikat na tao dahil sa blogging at isa ka doon...:)

Like many others, my first intention in blogging is to earn extra income but later I realized that I should forget the money because it's tough and discouraging.nung kinalimutan kona ang pera ang dami kung naging kaibigan nagtataka lang ako eh ngayon unti2x kung na akong kumita.

Yun lang pla ang kulang yung mag-reach out ka sa iba para makilala ka rin nla.

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