30 July, 2010

Make money blogging

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Blogging to me is about self-expression that provides more opportunities. It took me a really long time to really get blogging because I always said to myself there's nothing I'll get from blogging, but I was surprise when my sister get paid to blog. Then I start asking how to make blog and make money blogging, so now I intend to make blogging on a regular schedule.

Of course, blogging is a great fun. This is the only visual way I could share my opinion, my interests, likes and activities. Many people dream of getting paid to blog. This is fueled by stories of bloggers earning big bucks. You can earn money by blogging — if you're dedicated.

Consider myself as an example, this can be used as a basic guide to blogging by anybody, your blog can get you the career of your dreams. As you may know, bloggers are earning for their efforts. If you go in to blogging to make money, it's not gonna happen. But if you have a passion and can write, and you are sharing your passion with the world, there is a niche out there that will loyally follow you and buy your writing.

Here's some of my blogs:


Bino said...

true! earning from blogging requires a dedication and of course hard work.

Diamond R said...

too good to be true pero kumikita talaga sila. wow.

SAID said...


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