03 August, 2010

My first travel by plane

I remember I was very excited about this trip. When I got on board I was thrilled. You know, I was going to a place I've always dreamed of. But when we took off I began to feel frightened. I passed almost two hours in a panic! When we landed in Manila I could let go of my fear and found my selfcontrol. I was so happy that I could kiss the ground! Then I began to think about the return journey in Davao.

So now, when I have to take a plane, I feel just a little anxious. Let me give you some advice: for your first flight don't go so far away! I think that one hour travel will be enough for the first time!


Bino said...

naalala ko ung 1st time ko, excited din ako. iba ung feeling! hehehehe

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