17 October, 2010

Damn too busy

It is not that I am complaining, I am actually thankful to have something to do. You might have noticed the inconsistency of my blog post. Most of my post are not really what you called a “real post”. Just an embedded image/etc. or a copy of an article from source. I would really like to post something that is actually my real post. It’s just that it’s a bit awkward writing yourself online or mentioning some personal things. Though it is unfair for tag this blog as a personal blog, but only few post about personal stuff. Guess I am not the expressive type of person offline and online.
Since I have been blog hoppping, most of the blogs I visited are from teens, ranges from ages 16 to early 20′s. It is really amazing how they can easily post something about themselves and never get awkward about it. They can say about anything about a certain person (which would I would never do). It’s more of their semi-diary of their lives.
Anyways , I’m glad I still have time to update my blogs (though not that much), I may not have that much to say… that’s just to know that this blog is still active and will run for long period of time.


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