18 October, 2010

I am not Chinese

Most of the strangers who meet me for the first time do not believe that I'm 100% Filipino (including people whom I met for the first time whenever i was in London).

People love asking, "Are you really Filipino?" or "You're a Chinese?"

But the most memorable question asked when I am in a coach was, "Omg, I thought you are a Chinese." She stared at me for few minutes as if i was a freak.
Right now there are always many Filipino including my colleagues who are shocked when I speak Filipino. They mistaken me as Chinese.

My sister too didn't recognized me upon arriving in UK at the airport, she let me pass in her front 'coz she think I am a Chinese.

I don't know what feature(s) of mine gives off that impression.

Either people don't think there is a difference and assume we're all the same or they're just plain ignorant... are you Japanese? Korean? Chinese? I think the worst was, "Are you Irish?" I'm pretty sure the last one was a joke, but still, better to ask what I am than to assume I am a Chinese.


Hi I'm ROY said...

They call our Bus here as Coach and our Truck call it Lorry... hehehe and there are alot English words here that are different from our American English we're using in Phils.

manik_reigun said...

where are you here in UK? i guess theyre taking a 1:6 chance since there are 1 billion + Chinese perhaps? haha

marikoy said...

Ako rin! Lots of people here in Melbourne thought I'm Chinese. Basta, yun ang pinakamarami na hula ng race ko. Meron din na akala nila Vietnamese or Indonesian ako. A very very few lang ang tama ang hula na Pinay ako. Yung funniest was Canadian daw ako. Kasi ang accent ko raw, it sounds like I'm somewhere in America.

Diamond R said...

natawa naman ako doon. parang ako din Chinese or Japanes lang ang options. ang pinoy kung di ako magsasalita di mahuhulaan. actually marami ding pinoy na akala nila di ako pinoy. nagugulat na lang na magsasalita ng filipino.
pero pag di importante at nagtatanong ang sabi im chinese paniwala naman

Klief said...

Natawa ako dito brod roy.. hahahah panalo.! haha iniisip ko rin kong ano rin kaya ang hola nang mga tao pag ako rin anjan. hahahah

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